Faustine Bollaert: A photo of her at 73 unveiled and it’s incredible, she reacts

We often wonder what we will look like in a few years. And today, applications or filters allow us to have a small preview of what awaits us. Even though she hadn’t asked for anything, Faustine Bollaert (43 years old) had the opportunity to discover what face she could have in thirty years. And she did not fail to share the result on Instagram.

Between two program shoots, the presenter of It starts today (France 2) sometimes likes to share his daily life with his subscribers, in Instagram story. On December 29, 2022, for example, Faustine Bollaert wanted to reveal an incredible discovery she had just made. With the help of the Faceapp application (which allows you to edit photos), a site decided to see what Maxime Chattam’s wife would look like at the age of 73. So, they edited one of her shots to age her and the result is amazing. Wrinkles, white hair… it’s as if she had really stepped back in time. “In thirty years according to Oh My Mag“, she commented on her publication. A message accompanied by emojis who cry with laughter.

Faustine Bollaert lied about her age

Faustine Bollaert might not have laughed so much a few years ago. During his passage through We redo the TV (RTL) in mid-November, she revealed that for several years she did everything to hide her true age, because she “complexed” on this subject. “I was going to change my age on Wikipedia myself. But there is someone, an enemy, I don’t know who, who was going to recover and who, the next day, who put the right date back”, she said amused. But who cares since she can count on her husband and her children Abbie and Peter (9 and 7 years old) to remain in denial on each of her birthdays. “It’s been years that on my birthday cake, my children and my husband put the same age. So in my house there are only candles at 39. I have been 39 for four years“, she had concluded.

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