February holidays compromised? This bad news that will not please the French

The February holidays are likely to be disappointing for the French people. Indeed, there is not enough or no snow. In addition, trackers and staff who takes care of the ski lifts announce strikes

February holidays compromised for the French!

It is not for nothing that we are talking more and more about global warming. The temperatures are too mild for the period and surprising climatic phenomena follow one another. The weather is racing and the planet is suffering the consequences. So thesnow cover is not enough for the ski slopes in France, which risks compromising the February holidays of some French people.

In addition to the lack of snow, the ski lift employees are determined to put themselves in strike against pension reform. Visibly, these will start January 31.

Too high temperatures

For a month of December 2022, the temperatures were particularly low and not at all within the standards of the winter period. In fact, it’s been years since we’ve seen snow at Christmas, except in certain regions. It was the hottest climate since 1997 with temperatures above 7 to 8 degrees above normal.

For the February holidays, things are not going to work out. According to journalists from Forbes, the Splügen-Tambo ski area in Switzerland, closed earlier this week. This one is found less than 1500 meters.

“Unfortunately, due to the lack of snow, heavy rainfall and high temperatures, we have to close our station skiing until further notice. It is no longer possible for us to prepare the slopes because we have too much water… and the snow does not freeze at night “, explained the city of Splügen-Tambo.

No snow below 1,700 m

Andy Sturt, a resident of Morzine in the French Alps, testified the following to reporters from Forbes. “There are really two experiences going on right now. If you are above 1,700 m, everything is white and everyone is having fun. But if you’re below 1,700m, it’s all green and you have to climb in altitude to find snow ».

Then, the announced strikes are also not good news for the February holidays. Ski lift employees are outraged by the pension reform and intend to let it be known. Moreover, there have already been several mobilizations and this will not stop in February. Obviously, the protesters will strike hard to be heard !

Strikes against the pension reform for the February holidays

A indefinite strike will start on January 31. The unions filed the unlimited notice this Sunday, January 23. In addition to the strike against the pension reform, Force Ouvrière also has demands. She wants a extension of contract duration. And an improvement in working conditions” of these employees.

So, will the French have to cancel their February ski holidays? Namely, Force Ouvrière and the CGT are the two unions present 100% in ski resorts in France…
“We decided to call a strike during the February holidays, because the demands will be better heard during this period, announced Erick Becker, the general secretary of the ski lifts.

He also clarified: “The lifts will operate normally from the next day (February holidays). We do not want to further weaken companies already in difficulty… To allow seasonal workers to participate in the next day of mobilization against the pension reform, which should be for one day in February “.

One thing is certain, this strike will have disastrous economic consequences for the stations ski. Already the economic situation is not ideal, this may not work out things… Zone A is the first to take advantage (or not) of the February holidays, from the 4th. We wish everyone good luck!

Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/vacances-de-fevrier-compromises-cette-mauvaise-nouvelle-qui-ne-va-pas-plaire-aux-francais/