Fedez, husband of Chiara Ferragni, suffers from a tumor in the pancreas

This Thursday the Italian musician fedez32, announced on his social networks that last Tuesday he had been operated on a tumor in the pancreas. Hard testimony that accompanied several images where the husband of chiara ferragini poses from his hospital room. According to him, the intervention would have gone without a hitch and now he would have some recovery time left in the health center before returning home with his family. This is how he himself narrated the adversity:

“Last week I found out that I have a rare neuroendocrine tumor in my pancreas. Of those that, if you do not treat them in time, is not a good companion in your body. Which is why I had to undergo surgery that lasted 6 hours to remove a part of the pancreas (including the tumor).”

Two days have passed since he entered the operating room, and according to what he says, he is already looking forward to seeing his family again, although he believes that this “will take a while.” To finish, he thanked the entire medical team and all his contacts who had contacted him to send him a warm hug. In these images he can be seen accompanied by his wife and showing the huge scar on his abdomen that the intervention has left him.

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Chiara speaks about it

At the same time, his wife also published a message on social networks accompanied by a snapshot in which they both appear hugs in the hospital bed. This moment was captured last Monday, a day before Fedez’s operation. These were the harsh words of the famous influencer:

“We were afraid of everything: the diagnosis, the surgery, his recovery, for our lives and the future of our family. Tuesday’s operation went well and we hope that this will only remain a bad memory that will teach us, once again, the importance of enjoying life to the fullest every day 🙏🏻”.

The couple reinforced their world fame last year when they jumped into the world of ‘reality shows’ on Amazon Prime through ‘The Ferragnez’, a program in which they showed their daily lives as celebrities and renowned artists in Italy. After the good reception of the format, a second season has not yet been confirmed.

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