Felipe from Spain: why he interrupted his summer vacation

King Felipe of Spain had to interrupt his stay in Majorca to fly to Colombia, to Bogota. A round trip made on Sunday August 7 for a most official meeting that the sovereign was forced to honor.

While most European heads of state enjoy summer rest, Felipe from Spain would probably have preferred to pass his turn for the hazards of the calendar. On vacation in Mallorca, the 54-year-old sovereign had to interrupt one’s stay in the sun to honor one of his official duties. As reported by the site royal stories this Monday, August 8, the son of Juan Carlos I had to board, early in the morning of Sunday, August 7, in a plane from the military base of Son San Juan, in order to to go to Bogota (Colombia). He was to attend the inauguration of the new president, Gustavo Pedro. A tradition, our colleagues specify, which requires that the King of Spain be present during all transfers of power in Latin American countries.

Far from his wife, Princess Letiziaand of their daughters, dining out during his absenceFelipe of Spain lived a grueling sunday, explains the media specializing in the news of the royal families. Working breakfast with the President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso at the Four Seasons Casa Medina hotel upon his arrival, meeting with Iván Duque, the outgoing President, at the Casa de Nariño – equivalent to the Élysée – followed by a handshake with President-elect Gustavo Pedro at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… The monarch did not have a single second to himself.

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King Felipe among South American heads of state for the investiture ceremony

The day ended with the investiture ceremony, held in Bolivar Square in Bogotá in the presence of other Latin American presidents. These were grouped in a forum reserved for heads of state, further details the site. All after a stint at the Caro y Cuervo Institute, where the king was able to talk with Spanish expatriates, the Spanish ambassador to Colombia, as well as the future president of the country. A well-filled program following which Felipe from Spain will be able to breathe. The father of the family joined Mallorca on Monday, where he fully enjoys his summer alongside his family. The sovereign was, moreover, preview this August 10 in the middle of a family walk in the center of Palma. According to the Spanish daily El Mundothe date of the end of their stay is not yet known.

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