Felipe Saruma spoke of the attack of which he was a victim along with Andrea Valdiri

The Barranquilla influencer Andrea Valdiri and her husband, Felipe Saruma, were traveling in their truck along a main road in the department of Sucre when unidentified armed men opened fire.

Despite the seriousness of the event, recorded on Friday, May 6, none of the occupants of the truck suffered injuries. The attack with a firearm occurred on the main road of San Onofre, in Sincelejo. Likewise, members of the Marine Corps went to the scene to attend to the situation.

In an amateur video, Valdiri, accompanied by the Public Force, sent a self-care message to all citizens. “You have to pay attention, ”said the influencer, referring to the security measures determined by the authorities.

Various hypotheses have emerged regarding the alleged perpetrator(s) against the influencer, especially considering that it occurred within the framework of the armed strike announced by the Clan del Golfo after the extradition of its top commander, alias Otoniel, to USA.

However, through his Instagram account, Felipe Saruma sent a message to all his followers regarding what happened when he was with his wife.

“First of all, happy and content because we got home, because nothing happened to us, because we are with God,” Saruma said in the introduction to his message, giving a piece of calm about his current state.

Immediately, he referred to the speculations that have occurred on social networks about the attack of which they were victims. “We had not gone out, precisely for that reason, because there is an investigation behind this and we do not know who is responsibleSaruma stated.

In that sense, he specified that “it is very daring” on his part and that of the media to say or blame a certain organization or a certain situation that the country faces.

“I feel that at this time, when this type of thing happens in Colombia, these riots, there are criminals who take advantage of it to ‘settle the blame’ (…) But well, there is already an investigation behind it, Andre (Valdiri) will come out to speak, but nothing, we go with all the attitude. That scare is hard, because imagine that something happens to one’s wife. It’s tremendous. I’m in a little bit of shockbut nothing, let’s go with everything “, Saruma concluded in his Instagram stories.

Attention: Andrea Valdiri was the victim of an attack in Sucre;  armed men shot at the van
Andrea Valdiri showed the material damage left by the attack. Fortunately, no one was injured. – Photo: Courtesy

Valdiri told details and says it was not the Clan del Golfo

“The car was shot. He came through the door and brushed against my leg. My laptop was destroyed”, initially stated the content creator, who was helped by some members of the Marine Corps.

Through Instagram stories, the influencer thanked all her followers for the messages of support they have sent her in the last few hours. Also, she revealed new details about this unfortunate event.

Valdiri, likewise, took advantage of the moment to point out that the attack was planned and that they are collecting enough evidence to find the whereabouts of those responsible.

“Thank you, my loves, for being attentive. The investigations are still ongoing, but between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden. There are people who are being investigated to confirm that it was not a random attack, ”she specified.

Stories Andrea Valdiri
Stories on Instagram by Andrea Valdiri. – Photo: Instagram: Andrea Valdiri

Then he added: “If they thought that I was not going to realize that they made several calls to know my movements and take advantage of the chaos, remember that even to be bad you need to be intelligent” (sic).

The woman from Barranquilla also indicated that they wanted to use the situation in the country to make an attempt on her life. Lastly, she shared a press release in which she announced that the case is already in the hands of the lawyers and she asked all her followers to take good care of her.

“I want to tell you something with all my love: When you go from one city to another and you don’t see the military caravan, please don’t leave without them. Don’t really go out, I’m telling you from the heart, “he concluded.