Felipe VI: his Christmas speech in the form of a warning about the crisis in Spain

The Spaniards did not expect such a message from their sovereign. Contrary to to King Charles III, Felipe VI delivered his traditional Christmas speech, Saturday, December 24 at 9 p.m. sharp. And this year, the speech by husband of Queen Letizia of Spain took a political twist. While the country is facing an unprecedented crisis, marked by divisions between the leftist government and the conservative opposition following judicial reform, the son of Juan Carlos I sounded the alarm bell. Fearing that this situation would weaken democracy and the Constitution, Felipe VI called on his fellow citizens to show responsibility and cohesion, as reported by our colleagues from Parisian. “I believe that, in these times, we all need to show responsibility and think constructively about the consequences of ignoring these risks on our union, our coexistence and our institutions.”he said firmly.

During this televised speech, father of Princesses Sofia and Leonor wanted to remind the importance of a national union to avoid “the deterioration of institutions”. “A country or a society divided or confronted does not advance, it does not advance or solve its problems well, it does not generate trust.”, he hammered. And to add: “Division makes democracies more fragile; union, on the contrary, strengthens them.” For the 54-year-old rulerthis “Responsible, creative, vital and united Spain” stands out as the only solution to emerge victorious from this crisis. “It’s in all of our hands.”he concluded before sending his best wishes for the end of the year celebrations.

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Felipe VI: a king who is a little too discreet

By holding a unifying speech, Felipe VI showed another side of his personality. If his wife Letizia from Spain captures all the attention with each of his appearances, the monarch is much more discreet. And for good reason. Felipe VI has apparently withdrawn a little more into himself since the escapades of his father Juan Carlos. This is at least what Laurence Debray, a specialist in the Spanish monarchy, observed with Gala.fr. He wants to attract as little attention as possible.. Therefore, we wonder what it is for. There are quite a few. He is discreet to the point of being forgotten. At least there is no scandal”, she explained bluntly. During this interview, Laurence Debray assured that the king “stay within the walls of the Zarzuela Palace” to avoid any scandal. “He must receive people all the same, but he has a locked life at the Palace.”

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