Feria León 2022: Natalia Jiménez promises an unforgettable show for the palenque

A.M.- Natalia Jiménez is more than ready to recharge her battery at the Palenque of the León Fair 2022, where you have prepared a surprise that will please your audience.

The Spanish has a set ready with the best of her career, including her time in “The fifth station”, in addition to his multiple projects and his latest installment: “Mexico of my heart Vol. I and II”.

In a telephone interview, the singer said excitedly that she is preparing the best for her audience in Guanajuato, a place she has regularly visited in recent months.

I am super happy because the truth is that I have been going to Guanajuato all the time (laughs), I have been to León several times this year, doing my project of Mexico of my heart II, and I already had a crazy desire to be able to go to Palenque, to be able to introduce ourselves there. I haven’t seen them for two years, I’m crazy to be able to present my new material to you!” she said.

He will present part of ‘Mexico de mi corazón volume I and II. Photo: Special

Prepare a ‘super nice’ show

Natalia, who appeared last year at the inauguration of the León Mx District, announced that she is preparing a very nice experience for everyone.

Happy to return to the stage, happy that we can return to our activities”.

It was a challenge

The fact of living locked up, in a pandemic, hit many sectors, but more so the creative ones, especially those who are dedicated to shows and music.

It was quite a challenge for all of us, but the truth is that I have kept myself very busy, doing things that the Coronavirus could not stop (laughs), so I have been recording tracks, the album of ‘Mexico de mi corazón II’, with security measures I was in Colombia this year, doing La Voz Kids, Senior and I won both. It went very well,” he shared.

List for the circle. Photo: Facebook

Goes for the unreleased album

After the experience with the tribute to Mexico through the songs on this album, Natalia ruled out a third installment, and instead announced that she will record an unreleased album.

I think it’s okay with the versions, I’ve already included four unreleased songs on this album that are beautiful, one of them is my own (‘La Pena’), for the next one it would be to release an unreleased album of regional music, and I’m going to do some pop, I have a surprise for you this year”.

Something nice is coming for this Thursday, January 20

This show is unmissable, because Natalia has prepared a ‘little surprise’ for the Palenque.

You’ll see tomorrow, I have a very nice surprise for someone, so they have to come to see what’s going to happen, and well, I’m going to be gorgeous, Benito Santos (designer) has made me a wonderful dress for the occasion and well, We are going to celebrate and have a good time.”

She will wear a Benito Santos dress. Photo: Special

What better time to celebrate the Fundación de León, with this concert, which will have a lot of Mexican music, beautiful moments and tradition.

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