Fernanda Brandao: Birth Drama! How an emergency caesarean saved her

Fernanda Brandao became a mother for the first time. In BUNTE she talks about her pregnancy poisoning and other dangerous complications.

On April 8, Fernanda Brandao (39) became a mother for the first time and gave birth to her baby in Lapland. The girl’s name is Aurora, named after the scientific name for auroras in the northern hemisphere. Because: When they returned to the wilderness of Sweden, they and their fiancé Roman Weber (37) were greeted by the most beautiful dancing northern lights in the colors green and purple. “An angel-shaped light appeared directly above our house,” recalls the entertainer. By then it was clear to both of them that their child should be called Aurora.

Something else magical had happened some time before that: “Six months before I became pregnant, I had a special dream in Lapland: that we would have a baby and it was named Aurora. She had spoken to me in the dream, I know nor how surprised I woke up,” recalls the half-Brazilian when she met BUNTE. Happy and relaxed, the new family comes to the exclusive photo shoot with BUNTE at the “Louis C. Jacob” hotel in Hamburg. It’s the first time they show their baby and Fernanda Brandao talks about her birth drama.

Fernanda Brandao: ‘I don’t want it to be a taboo anymore’

What nobody knew until now: The ex-Hot Banditoz singer suffered from preeclampsia, a pregnancy poisoning! “I would like it to stop being a taboo subject, complications in pregnancy and childbirth are talked about far too rarely. Looking back, I know I’ve had signs of possible pre-eclampsia for the past few months, it would have been advisable to be more specific investigating,” she says.

Actually, Fernanda just wanted to see her midwife for a routine check-up

“I can only advise every expectant mother to have a more precise examination if she has symptoms such as severe water retention on the face, neck, hands and feet, strong weight gain in a short time, flickering eyes, headaches and of course the obvious signs, protein in Urine and high blood pressure. My second tip is to get a second opinion more often. It can save lives and avoid problems.”

Actually, Fernanda just wanted to go to her midwife for a routine check-up when she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia with high blood pressure and protein in the urine. She had to go to the hospital immediately. At that point in time, the heaviest snowstorm of the year broke out and her fiancé was at home with Corona.

“I hadn’t really realized they were going to take my baby”

At her side: mother-in-law Annette Weber, widow of Rüdiger Nehberg († 84) and father of her fiancé. “It’s the leading cause of death in childbirth to date. It affects two out of 100 pregnancies. The good thing was that I had it after 40 weeks of pregnancy, so the baby was ready,” says Fernanda.

“At the hospital they regularly took my blood pressure, which was 180 over 111 at the time, and put me on magnesium IVs to keep me from having seizures. I hadn’t really realized they were going to take my baby. Via emergency c-section !”

You can read the whole story in BUNTE 28/2022, available at newsstands from Thursday (July 7th).

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