Fernanda Brandao gave birth to a daughter!

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Fernanda Brandao gave birth to a daughter!
“Our child will be a nomad baby”: New mom Fernanda Brandao wanted to give birth to a child in the wilderness © Andre Lenthe Fotografie via www.imago-images.de

Her daughter will be a “nomad baby”: Fernanda Brandao has become a mother for the first time. The star wanted to give birth to her offspring in the wilderness of Lapland.

Sweden – your baby is here! Hot Banditoz star Fernanda Brandao (38) became a mom for the first time and gave birth to a little girl. The celebrity and her fiancé Roman Weber (36) are currently in Sweden and had previously confirmed that they were expecting their first child together. The new mother had also embarked on adventurous ventures during her pregnancy and undertook a daring ride on a snowmobile, which she took with her fiancé in Lapland.

The influencer has now announced via her social media platform on Instagram that her daughter has seen the light of day. She published the beautiful baby news by sharing a snap of herself standing in front of a red wooden hut surrounded by baby clothes and toys. The singer excitedly captioned the post: “Welcome baby. We love you.” Could the wooden hut be the birthplace of your daughter? In an interview with “Bunte”, the mother had spoken before the birth that she wanted to give birth to her baby in a wooden hut in the wilderness of Lapland in northern Finland.

Fernanda Brandao’s baby will be ‘a nomad baby’

However, one of the hashtags shared by the adventurous beauty reveals that she welcomed her baby a little further down the world in Sweden. In the interview, she also emphasized that as a couple and now also as a small family, they don’t want to settle down and that their little darling would become a real “nomad baby”. The proud mum revealed: “Our child is going to be a nomadic baby.” Her lover added that they haven’t decided on permanent residence yet and want to see what life has in store for them. “Neither of us want to settle down and see where life takes us,” explained the father of one daughter.