Fernanda Brandao speaks about dramatic birth

Fernanda Brandao talks about the birth of her daughter, when mother and child were in mortal danger. In addition, the infant had to get through Corona.

Fernanda Brandao and her fiancé Roman Weber announced the birth of their daughter in April 2022. “It’s a wonderful gift, I’ve wanted to become a mother for a long time,” explains the singer and fitness trainer in an interview with RTL. But the pregnancy and the birth of Aurora presented the young family with great challenges.

Actually, the couple would have preferred a home birth in their wooden hut in the wilderness of Lapland, but in the ninth month Brandao had problems. The singer was hospitalized. “When I saw the doctors, I saw that it was serious,” the 39-year-old describes the situation in retrospect. She suffered from preeclampsia, also known as pregnancy poisoning, “in which blood pressure rises and both mother and child are in great danger,” explains the 39-year-old.

“It makes you very humble”

As a result, her daughter had to be delivered by caesarean section. “If I had been without doctors and too far from the hospital, I don’t know if I would be sitting here now, or my daughter – it’s very humbling,” says the singer.