Fernanda Castillo appears with pink hair and fashionable eyeliner

The movie actress is a fan of sharing every detail of her life on social media, and today she joined as Belinda to the trend of pink hair, in addition to wearing the fashionable eyeliner, two aspects that should not be missing in your outfit, dare to try them.

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Fernanda Castillo on this occasion surprised her followers with a new hair style, since through her stories she appeared with pink hair like Belinda, proving that it suits her perfectly as it highlights her features and skin tone.

Besides that he put a filter on the historySince her eyes turned green, she looks gorgeous. But not only did she show off her beauty with these two aspects, she also made up her eyes with the eyeliner trend, in which it is about painting on the edge of the eyelid and ending at the corner of the eye.

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Fernanda Castillo added a pink shade to make her eyes look better. The outfits What she wore on this occasion was a striped blouse in pastel tones, in which mint green predominates. I really loved how she looks with her pink hair, it suits her perfectly.

But not only did he show us how he looks with this hair color, he also showed us small moments of his trip to the beach, where she appears with her husband, and left us several beautiful landscapes, as well as her great body in a swimsuit, especially her marked abdomen.

So far, these are the only news that the actress He has shared on his social networks, but surely during the week he will surprise us with more details of his life or outfits that highlight his charms, the last one he wore was a green swimsuit with studs.

In terms of work projects, little has been known since he ended his participation in Seven Times Goodbye nothing has been revealed, but surely there are several jobs on the horizon, we don’t know if it will be on television or again in the theater, but it will surely surprise us.

Fernanda Castillo, like Belinda, joins the pink hair trend and looks fashionable with eyeliner. instagram special

Don’t forget to follow her on her social networks to avoid missing the details, plus we’ll keep you informed of anything she shares, on special of outfits, since with these she gives her followers ideas to look beautiful wherever they go.

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