Fernanda Castillo had a ring made with her breast milk to mark the end of her son Liam’s breastfeeding | Famous

Fernanda Castillo experienced difficult times after becoming a mother in December 2020: just 23 days after the birth of her son with Erik Hayser, she suffered a late postpartum complication that led her to be admitted to the hospital.

“A super tough process began that I only got through because I think I am very stubborn: months of relactating (hours with a bottle and tubes to feed Liam), chest obstructions, back problems, anxiety about not knowing if he was feeding my baby well, criticism, feeling that I only lived to get milk from a jumble of ups and downs… ”.

Fernanda Castillo made a ring with her breast milk

Since becoming a mom, the 40-year-old star has kept her fans up to date on the most important events in her son’s life.

As soon as 2023 began, Fernanda Castillo announced that her son “has decided that he is already a big boy and that he is going to take a bottle.” That is, he will stop being breastfed.

To mark this milestone in the growth of her offspring, she was ordered to make a ring with her breast milk.

As he revealed in an Instagram story, the design was a large circle, filled with the food he produced for Liam, on a silver frame.

In a separate publication in her ‘feed’, Fernanda Castillo shared a series of photos breastfeeding her son, below which she reflected on what this process was like:

“My breastfeeding was full of obstacles, sometimes pain and all the perseverance I was capable of, but above all wonderful moments of attachment with Liam that will remain in my memory.”

Of course, after having overcome all these difficulties, she described breastfeeding as “one of the stages that make me feel most proud.”

Tell us in the comments, would you make a breast milk ring like Fernanda Castillo? What did you think of the design she chose?