Fernanda Castillo revealed that she followed a ketogenic diet to lose weight after the pregnancy of her son Liam | Famous

The month of December 2020 was especially complex for Fernanda Castillo. On the one hand, she marked the birth of her firstborn, Liam, and on the other, she fought a battle between life and death after giving birth.

At the time, the actress chose to keep both processes discreet, but she recently opened up to her fans about the extra weight she still had from her pregnancy and what she did to lose it. Everything, in the framework of her 40th birthday.

Fernanda Castillo celebrated her 40th birthday showing off her figure

The protagonist of the film “We’ll see” arrived on March 24 in her fourth decade of life and one of her first publications on the occasion of her birthday was to show her physique.

Through her Instagram stories, she shared a short video of a 360-degree view of her body after working out at the gym.

With this, there was no doubt that his abdomen is completely slim and even turned, as a result of his great dedication to diet and exercise.

Fernanda Castilo revealed her diet to lose weight

A day ago, the artist used her Instagram account to talk about the great changes she has gone through since the birth of her son Liam.

One of the things he mentioned is that on January 4 he started a new diet called Zélé, which is a variation of the ketogenic diet.

This new diet consists of eating few carbohydrates, without restriction of vegetables or foods rich in protein.

In the same way, she commented that the specialist who advised her in this process allowed her to have certain ‘snacks’ that she could eat freely so as not to feel limited.

According to different media, other celebrities such as Claudia Álvarez have also tried this diet.

Erik Hayser celebrated Fernanda Castillo’s 40th birthday

Her fiancé, fellow actor Erik Hayser, could not miss the celebrations of her return to the sun.

The father of his son used his Instagram account to dedicate the words to him:

“May these smiles be the ones that accompany your path and may you find new airs every day to continue flying. I celebrate your existence, your life, every step you take and the enormous fortune of being your life partner.

It’s worth remembering that the couple got engaged in May 2020, months before they announced they were expecting their first child together.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the birth of little Liam and their respective work schedules, they have not been able to celebrate the wedding.