Fernandez’s lawsuit against Televisa for ‘El Último Rey’ has been useless, according to Alex Kaffie

Mexico.- According to the journalist alex kaffieall the legal efforts made by the Fernandezes, led by Doña Cuquita, to prevent Televisa broadcast series “The last king” they have been of no use.

The host of the program “Sale el Sol” assured through his column Sin Lisonja that Televisa has not only continued to broadcast the unauthorized series on the life of Vicente Fernández, but has not even stopped the recordings.

Doña Cuquita has tried to protect the legacy of Vicente Fernández supported by a team of lawyers. Photo: Instagram

“The lawsuit that Doña María del Refugio Abarca, widow of Fernández, filed against Televisa to prevent the transmission of ‘El Último Rey’ has not had an effect, since the series continues to be broadcast and recorded!”, said the journalist.

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Alex Kaffie added that he is certain that the recordings of the Televisa series “El Útimo Rey” have not stopped, since there is even a date for when they will finish recording the second season of the controversial production headed by Juan Osorio.

“I have confirmed that the aforementioned demand has not at all disturbed the recordings of the biographical series of Vicente Fernández el ‘Charro de Huentitán’, since the work schedule remains the same and the end of the recordings, of the second season, will be in May”, Kaffie explained.

The Fernandez do not agree with the series that Televisa is transmitting about the life of “Chente”. Photo: Instagram

The controversial entertainment journalist took advantage of his space in the column to give his opinion on the work that Pablo Montero is doing as the protagonist of the series on the life of ‘Chente’.

“Don Vicente Fernández would die again! If he saw the personification so shameful, cagueta and cowardly (dramatically speaking) that Pablo Montero is making of him,” wrote Alex Kaffie.

The series “El Último Rey” broadcast by Televisa on the Las Estrellas channel is based on the book of the same name written by Olga Wornat, a text in which the author describes the kidnapping of Vicente Fernández Jr. and the alleged links with drug traffickers, among other sensitive issues, such as the poor relationship between family members.

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