Fernando Allende, soap opera heartthrob returns to Colombia

Fernando Allende the heartthrob of soap operas

Fernando Allende became a telenovela heartthrob in the 1980s and 1990s. His leading roles in Mexican melodramas were very popular throughout the continent. In Colombia his image was more than familiar, because here he began his career embodying a character that is very much ours: It was Efraín in an adaptation of María, when he was barely 16 years old.

He recognizes that this was his first great start and from there, for decades he has been linked to our country and has lived in it for seasons. He was in 1991 in Sangre de lobos, the novel that catapulted Aura Cristina Geithner, he was Adela Noriega’s partner in María Bonita, chen the Mexican was the most popular image of soap operas, that’s not counting her musical career and other series and movies.

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Carlos Tonatiuh courtesy
Carlos Tonatiuh courtesy

For years, however, Allende has been absent from the Colombian scene. Last April he returned to the Bogotá Book Fair presenting his biography Fragmentos del futuro, where he revealed unpublished personal events and some divine events in his life. The absence of the father figure he had is at the beginning of the writing.

Allende met the one who gave him life as an adult. “It was a friendly, cordial relationship”, but he believes that it is with coexistence that stronger ties are achieved and in his case “we got to where we could go”. In his case there were no resentments or guilt and his father left calmly. It should be mentioned that Allende has always been characterized by taking advantage, even of the apparently negative, and this event has not been the exception.

“I am one of those people who thinks that everything in life happens for the best. If that happened to me (paternal absence) it was because my mission was to do the opposite and always be present in the lives of my children; sharing with them their ideals, their sorrows… Perhaps if I had had another father, I would not have been such an excellent father. It’s not what life gives you, but what you do with it… Everything is a life lesson, the issue is how you take what happens to you.

I have understood that I must give the same value to negative experiences, if they can be called that, as positive ones. One would lose value if the other did not exist. The negative, to say it in some way, make up experiences that make you learn and give you knowledge because it teaches you where it is not, which people you should keep away, what not to say. The good ones confirm that you are on the right path, but if we go to the others, they really are the ones that serve you the most”.

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He will return to Colombia shortly, more precisely to Cali for professional matters on which he can detail. “There are several things that are happening. I want to attract local and international productions to Colombia. The country has the capacity to be a production center. I have a couple of projects that I can locate and I am struck by the quality of Colombian artists and their technicians and on the other hand, there are two or three projects that I cannot anticipate much about”.

What the Mexican, who now has a Colombian manager, can say is that, just as he has a house in Colorado, United States; another living in Puerto Rico, where his wife, Maria, is from, also plans to buy in our country. “I would like to and am going to live in Colombia; There is nothing that makes my wife happier than living where I am artistically born. I feel Colombian. I feel identified with the folklore, the food and, above all, with its people. Among the plans is to buy a property in Bogotá, Cartagena, Cali or Medellín”. Fernando has been with his wife María for 37 years, they have two children, Elán, 32, who lives in the United States and has two children (Valentina and Fernando) and Adán, 29, who studies in Puerto Rico.