Fernando Colunga, the most beautiful women he has been with

Fernando Colunga He is one of the Mexican actors who became one of the most sought after and popular among the public of soap operas and television. television and who, because he is considered a “hunk” has had the privilege of being next to beautiful actresses on the cool screen and it is even said that some were loved by him.

Fernando Colunga began his career as an actor at the end of the 1980s, his participation in María Mercedes in 1993, along with Thalía, being his first great opportunity for the Mexican and international public to begin to identify him. So good was the acceptance, that by 1996 Thalía’s leading partner was in María la del Barrio, who was already a consecrated star and with whom the actor was related, although Thalía said that what there was was a great friendship and affection that remained for forever.

Despite the fact that, to this day, at 56 years of age, the actor Fernando Colunga has never married or been known to have a partner or formal relationship with whom he announced his engagement, he has been a man who, due to his physique, has been highly desired by many women who follow and admire him.

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Fernando Colunga, the most beautiful women he has been with

Fernando Colunga, the most beautiful women he has been with. Photo: Instagram.

In this list of women who have been close to the actor, there is also Blanca Soto, a former Mexican beauty queen who, according to rumors, had a special relationship with Colunga, so much so that they even bought a house, when they both starred in “Because love rules ”, but it was never confirmed.

Luis Miguel’s ex-partner, Aracely Arámbula, one of the most beautiful actresses on television, also worked with Fernando Colunga in the soap opera “Abrázame very strong”, as always, the show programs speculated about a possible relationship between them outside of fiction, to which Fernando Colunga replied in a statement that they had no love relationship.

She had a very good working relationship with Lucero, so much so that the actress and singer worked with Fernando Colunga on more than one occasion. Soap operas like: “I am your owner”, “Alborada” and “Tomorrow is forever”.

Silvia Navarro was also a partner of Fernando Colunga, they worked together in the telenovela “Tomorrow is forever” and had great chemistry on the small screen, which gave them good public acceptance.

Gabriela Spanic, a Venezuelan actress, also had her affair with Fernando Colunga, but only on the small screen, as in “La Usurpadora”. The same thing happened with her partner Adela Noriega in “Amor Real”, Susana González in “Pasión”.