Fernando del Solar and the fortune he forged in his career

The death of the beloved, charismatic and gallant driver of television, Fernando del Solar, has been an event that shook the middle of the show, his fans and obviously his close people, because he was a father, husband, son, brother and friend, so now that he is no longer , doubts have begun about who his heirs are.

At 49 years old, Fernando del Solarleft this world last Thursday, June 30, after not being able to win the battle against pneumonia that afflicted him, according to his widow, Anna Ferro.

The endearing driver of ‘come the joy‘, he left in a surprising way, because he was a man with a great desire to live and to stay close to his family, so this sudden departure has begun to generate various doubts, one of them, about the fortune he accumulated over the throughout his television career.

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Fernando del Solar arrived in Mexico from his native Argentina in 2005. Being a foreigner and a physically graceful man, since he was always considered a television heartthrob, Fernando had the opportunity to start his career as a model, but He also participated in some soap operas, giving his first steps as an actor on TV Azteca.

Subsequently, his talent and charisma allowed him to make the big leap to driving, an area that allowed him to connect more with the viewing public, since he was not acting, he was himself, demonstrating his great attitude and sense of humor and charisma, for which , over the years he built a solid career and was included in several morning programs and weekend specials.

After those beginnings as an actor and achieving what he could not do in his native Argentina, starting his career as a host in Mexican programs, Fernando de Solar stood out for hosting projects such as Insomnia, Life is a song, Sexes in War, for then move on to the important morning Venga la Alegría, where he spent seven uninterrupted years. In addition, he hosted La Academia for 10 years, one of the most important projects of TV Azteca.

His role as a family man came when he married Ingrid Coronado in 2012, with whom he had two sons Luciano and Paolo.

“I no longer wanted to leave Mexico, I was very comfortable with my situation. In those moments I was focused on ‘having’ and not on ‘being’, on accumulating material things and I forgot that these are not the most important things in life”, Fernando mentioned in an interview.

Despite his great professional success, personally, Fernando del Solar had a hard time, first, the Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was diagnosed with him was made public and then he had to confirm his separation from Ingrid Coronado. It was five years that Fernando del Solar fought against his illness and came out ahead. Later, he went to try his luck in the United States, but then decided to return to Mexico where he surprisingly joined Televisa in the Hoy Program.

All this important trajectory that Fernando del Solar forged throughout his life and that led him to be part of very important television projects, it is estimated that he could have forged a millionaire fortune.

Various media assure that Fernando del Solar could have achieved a fortune of one million dollars, that is, almost 20 million pesos. But this amount would have decreased considerably after being diagnosed with the type of cancer known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, while continuing to watch for his children.

“Monthly I take care of my children’s school payments, health insurance and other things, dentist, all the things they occupy, clothes, uniforms, re-enrollment, I have always taken care of all that,” said one once in an interview.

During the last two years of his life, Fernando del Sol, He dedicated himself to being a motivational speaker and published a book entitled “Arriba los corazón!, in which he talks about his career and his experience with cancer. He also collaborated in magazines and opened his YouTube channel, so with this It would have generated income that helped him cope with the alleged economic crisis he suffered, according to rumors in the entertainment media, and he also had an online store selling shirts that he himself modeled on his Facebook.

Fernando del SolarAccording to the press, he always took care of the expenses of his two children, but now that he has left, the amount of money he inherited from them is unknown. It is also not known how much his fortune amounts to at the moment, but rumors say that she left everything to Ingrid Coronado, who will be in charge of managing it until her children are old enough to receive the money from her.

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