Fernando del Solar died days after his father, the family is devastated

To the midday last Thursday, June 30, the death of the driver was confirmed Fernando del Sol, This after a series of medical complications derived from the sequels left by his cancer treatment. Their relatives, friends and colleagues they lamented your departure through your social networks.

The news of his death came only 18 days later that he himself announced that his father had died, through his instagram account, the also actor dedicated a few words of farewell to him: “I feel very sad and I still cannot believe that I’m not going to see my old man anymore.”

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For its part, the presenter’s family regretted both losses and stressed that this was a moment very complicated also they thanked messages of encouragement they have received in the last few hours.


On June 12, del Solar revealed that his father Norberto Cacciamani had died, to make this announcement, he published a video that had a series of images with several important moments spent by his side, such as parties and trips.

In addition, he wrote a message in which he expressed: “I feel very sad and I still can’t believe that I’m not going to see my old man anymore… Neither eat a roast, nor laugh at his occurrences… Today I’m going to smile because it happened, because it was him and for everything we lived together ”.

To conclude your dedication, He added, “It’s only been hours and I already miss you. I keep everything I learned with their successes but more of his mistakes. To fly to highlands daddy! You will always live in me, I LOVE YOU”.

Other personalities from the middle of the show joined his duel were Jimena Perez La Choco, Claudio Rodriguez, Monica Noguera, his former co-worker Sergio Sepúlveda and Tania Rincón.

Anna Ferro, the presenter’s widow TV, revealed that Mr. Norberto’s death caused del Solar to become very sad, which caused her defenses to drop and she got sick.

Despite his mourning and discomfort, Fer continued with his presentations as a motivational speaker with the paper ‘Happiness is You’. With these talks he toured several places in the country, one of his last presentations was scheduled for yesterday, however, it was no longer possible for him to do so.


The relatives of the driver issued a statement to talk about his loss, at the beginning they mentioned that he was always characterized by having a very positive attitude and happy.

“Fer, always with your smile full of light, the best attitude and love sprouting from every cell. Tireless fighter of his dreams and ideals. Today he went to fly even higher… and that news reaches the hearts of all of us who knew him.” they commented.

“As a family, it comforts us knowing that everyone will lovingly understand this moment of intimate farewell and we appreciate infinitely all the signs of affection, support, solidarity and respect”, continued their loved ones.

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Finally, they said that all the people who want to join their mourning can do something in their memory: “If you want to accompany Fer, light a candle that shines honoring his life and helps this world have more light”, they indicated.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla


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