Fernando del Solar’s family says goodbye with an emotional message

In Fernando del Solar’s latest publication you can read a moving message dedicated to his father.

“It’s only been hours and I already miss you. I keep everything I learned, with his successes, but more of his mistakes.

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Just a couple of weeks later, Fernando del Solar passed away due to the cancer he had been battling for years.

In the black and white image, Fernando can be seen with his characteristic smile.

“As a family, we are comforted to know that everyone will lovingly understand this moment of intimate farewell and we are infinitely grateful for all the signs of affection, support, solidarity and respect.”

“If you want to accompany Fer, light a candle that shines honoring his life and helps this world have more light.”

This is the message with which Fernando del Solar’s family says goodbye, in addition, many messages from his co-workers and close friends can be read.

“We always carry you in our hearts and in our minds. We will miss you, dear Fer. Fly high”; “You will always live in our hearts my Fer”; “A hug to your family and closest friends”, are some of the dedications that can be read in the publication.

Driver Fernando del Solar dies

Driver Fernando del Solar passed away at the age of 49confirmed the program Venga la Alegría, where he was one of his favorite presenters for six years and had to leave it in 2012 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

So far the causes of his death are unknown, but for several months health problems have increased.

“It began to circulate as a rumor, but a source close to the Venga la Alegría program confirmed it,” the driver announced. Sergio Sepulveda.

Extremely affected were the members of the TV Azteca morning show after breaking the news. Patrick Borghetti he said he had no words because Fernando was one of his best friendswho was devastated that he was leaving two children behind and recounted that they met for lunch two weeks ago.

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This Thursday, Del Solar had a conference scheduled as part of his tour of motivational talks “Happiness is you” at a university in Mérida, Yucatán; However, she was postponed due to the health problems of the model and actor.

With information from Anel Gamboa