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What did Fernando del Solar die of?

Anna Ferro ruled out that it was due to cancer or covid-19, as was speculated. The life coach shared that the death of Fernando’s father affected the presenter a lot, which caused him to be the defenses will lower and that a flu turned into pneumoniaso everything was surprising.

“It was very sudden, as you knew, he came out of cancer, his lungs were severely affected with 20 radiations, with 59 chemotherapies, he fought and succeeded. It was due to pneumoniafor him a flu was to become something very strong and this time he did not succeed, but he fought it to the last”, reported ‘Sale el sol’ about the press conference.

“Two and a half weeks ago his dad passed away, it was a very strong sadness for him which cost him a lot of work to overcome and his defenses lowered, It started with a normal flu and worsened to pneumonia. couple of days,” she explained through tears.

“He was clinging to life and he did want to be with us still, but his body was too small for him, he needed something bigger, that’s why he left.”

The last will of Fernando del Solar

Anna reported that Fernando’s children, as well as his mother and other relatives had already said goodbye to him. She explained that the funeral will be behind closed doors and there will be no religious ceremony, it could also last a couple of days before being cremated, because Fernando believed that he “could visit everyone” his loved ones.

“We are going to have a spiritual ceremony here, there is not going to be mass, he believed in God, in the Boss, as he told him in all dimensions, he didn’t believe in religion because for him it limited you,” he explained on the verge of tears.

Fernando did not want to be buried: ” cremate himthat he was watching over him for a few days because he had the belief that he could go visit everyone, that he not be cremated immediately”.

Anna will keep Fernando’s ashes for a while, as they will take them to the sea with her father Norberto: “I’ll keep them for a moment because later we’ll take Norber, his father, who didn’t give us time either, to Norber and Fer to the sea as they wanted“.


Fernando del Solar’s wife promised to take care of their children

Fernando del Solar had two children in his marriage to Ingrid Coronado, Luciano and Paolo, whom Anna Ferro promised to care for and frequent.

That he loved them and that he took care of themthat I would continue to see them,” he told the press.

In addition, she denied being pregnant, as has been speculated in some media.

Anna Ferro gives her opinion on the attacks on Ingrid Coronado

Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado ended their relationship in the midst of the actor’s fight against cancer, which caused the annoyance of many followers of the Argentine, because they did not conceive that she “abandoned” him at such a difficult stage. However, on several occasions both denied this situation.

“He asked me (for a divorce),” Coronado said in an interview for “Historias engarzadas” in 2016. For his part, Del Solar confirmed that he was the one who decided to leave the house.

With the death of the presenter, social networks have turned to criticism and insults towards Ingrid Coronado, and Anna Ferro gave her opinion about it: “Let’s flow in love, If it’s not your story, don’t tell it.do not buy a story that is not yours […] Do not judge, do not criticize, that is human beings, that is humanity,” he said.

Anna Ferro will continue with the legacy of Fernando del Solar

In recent years, Fernando del Solar dedicated himself to giving lectures about his experience with cancer and giving hope to the public that if he could beat the disease, so could others. Anna shared that she will continue with the legacy of her husband to continue giving her message of life.

“I am going to continue with his legacy, I don’t know how, he will guide me, but I am going to continue with the legacy helping all these people who have cancer so that they understand that, many times, they are emotions that when you heal the emotion you can heal and that everyone has the hope that it can be done”.

Finally, he said that he was able to say goodbye to him and accompanied him until the last moment: “I didn’t keep anything, I was able to say goodbye to himI was with him until the last moment and that makes me feel very good because I accompanied him […] He showed me all the love he felt towards me and there is no greater thing that I can thank him for than that,” he said at the press conference.