“Fernsehgarten” game brings fans to 180 – “My face”

Sunday is traditional “television garden“-Day, that’s no different on May 29, 2022. And as Andrea ‘Kiwi’kievel announced last Sunday, it will ZDF up in terms of its artists this week.

Michelle, Nino de Angelo or ESC star Sam Ryder, who “television garden“-guest list is occupied prominently. We are there for you in the live ticker.

“Fernsehgarten” game brings fans to 180 – “My face”

2:03 p.m.: Kerstin Ott concludes with her encore and “Rainbow Colors”.

1:59 p.m.: The game is over and Kiwi announces the appearance of hit star Nino de Angelo. Back on the ground, the winner of the show can then be chosen. It’s: Team Green!

1:42 p.m.: After the culinary delights, there will be a musical break with the band Frontmen and a hit medley of their greatest songs, before the ZDF “Fernsehgarten” will take off high up. Station number four is the “Garden Tower”. “I can’t even look up,” says Kiwi, who suffers from a fear of heights. The stars have to run a course at dizzy heights.

But there are problems: Ekaterina Leonova doesn’t seem to be a fan of height either and lets Kiwi persuade her to rise to the challenge in the end. Competitor Julius Brink, on the other hand, turns around again and then stays on the ground. While Kiwi and Co. are still discussing and reassuring each other on site, the viewers on Twitter are annoyed.

  • “Stop talking and do it”
  • “Write instructions for everyone”
  • “My face, Kerstin Ott is about to make another song about it”
  • “What’s going on now? Come to Potte”
  • “I’ll quickly do my tax return before this starts”

1:36 p.m.: Finally! TV chef Armin Roßmeier is allowed to do it again and presents light, airy recipes for the summer.

1:26 p.m.: Newcomer Anna Sophie not only celebrates her “Fernsehgarten” debut, she was not previously known to many fans of the show. ESC star Sam Ryder is much more familiar to the audience. The Brit made it to second place in the Eurovision Song Contest. Now he is appearing on the ZDF “Fernsehgarten”.

“Fernsehgarten” fans are disappointed – “Now that’s enough”

1:18 p.m.: Then hit star Michelle heats up the audience properly. The next competition is coming up. The “Garden Jump” requires speed and concentration and produces Team Orange as the winner.

1:04 p.m.: The following are tips for making healthy hazelnut cream yourself. This time with Jeanette Marquis and again not with “Fersehgarten” favorite Armin Roßmeier. The TV chef has been on ZDF for years, but two weeks ago Kiwi went on the air with a replacement. The show’s fans showed their disappointment on Twitter:

  • “That’s not Armin!”
  • “Two weeks of television garden without Armin? What’s up, ZDF? Is Armin okay?”
  • “Hazelnut cream without Armin. You’re kidding us”
  • “Only Armin is allowed to cook…”
  • “Now that’s enough! I’ve been waiting for Armin for ages”

12:57 p.m.: After action comes Tina. A hit medley of Tina Turner’s greatest hits, starring actress Aisata Blackman from the cult musical, will have local fans jumping out of their seats.

12:43 p.m.: Dj Herzbeat feat. Joey Heindle rock the ZDF stage before the prominent athletes face the next challenge. The garden course. The celebrities have to prove themselves in a combination of skill, water sports and throwing luck. After a nerve-wracking competition, Team Green can celebrate victory.

ZDF “Fernsehgarten” guest involuntarily ensures a speedster appearance

12:33 p.m.: In the end, Team Orange can really secure victory. Team Green makes for laughs afterwards. The reason: when entering the ball, Julius Brink involuntarily left his pants and revealed part of his butt. Kiwi comments on the involuntary nackedei appearance with a laugh: “Your bare bottom, we didn’t expect that.”

12:28 p.m.: Before it officially starts, there is a need for discussion. After the order has been clarified, Pascal Hens wants to get on board. “No no no. It’s like you’re already in bed and your wife is still in the bathroom,” comments Kiwi, visibly excited.

“Fernsehgarten” surprise: “Let’s Dance” stars suddenly appear on ZDF

12:23 p.m.: Let’s continue with singer Loi. After her performance, Kiwi guides her athletes to the first challenge. The “Garden Bubble”. In a giant rubber ball, the candidates have to follow a route in the relay battle. Whoever gets back first wins.

12:12 p.m.: Before the “Garden Games” start, the two opposing teams are introduced. Olympic champion Matthias Steiner, “Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova and volleyball player Julius Brink compete in Team Green and compete with Team Orange. Here handball player Pascal Hens, boxer Susi Kentikian and “Let’s Dance” dancer Christian Polanc are ready to fight.

You can see “TV Garden” presenter Andrea Kiewl before the big live show

12.06 p.m.: Kerstin Ott makes the musical start with her new song “Einfach Nein”.

12:02 p.m.: “Welcome to the toughest television garden in the world”, with this announcement the ZDF “television garden” starts. This time, viewers can look forward to a sporting competition on live TV with the “Garden Games”. Six professional athletes take on the challenge and have to prove their general fitness at four stations.

Sunday 11:57 a.m.: The “TV Garden” fans on Instagram can look forward to the start of the live show. In the Instagram story of the format, Andrea Kiewl already shows her TV appearance and presents herself to the audience on site in a chic blue pants suit.

Saturday May 28th

9 clock: Nino De Angelo, Michelle, Kerstin Ott, Joey Heindle or ESC star Sam Ryder. In terms of music, the “TV Garden” fans can’t really complain on Sunday. But there was a little stress before the show.

On Facebook, a viewer complained about moderator Andrea Kiewel. There was a lot of resistance from the die-hard ZDF viewers and even an urgent appeal to ZDF.

“Fernsehgarten”: Zoff because of Facebook statements

“If Kiwi no longer moderates, hopefully the television garden will finally be as beautiful as it used to be,” writes the Mecker fan on Facebook. He was immediately bombarded with statements to the contrary.


The “TV Garden” guests on Sunday:

  • Susie Kentikian
  • Ekaterina Leonova
  • Christian Polanc
  • Julius Brink
  • Matthew Steiner
  • Pascal Hens
  • Kerstin Ott
  • Sam Ryder
  • City
  • Michelle
  • Nino de Angelo
  • loi
  • Anna Sophie
  • Dj Herzbeat feat. Joey Heindle


“You can see that you have no idea and a lot of it,” they say, for example, or “Without Kiwi, the ratings went down”. Some Facebook fans even demanded: “ZDF television garden, do something about such posts!”


More about “television garden“:


There probably won’t be much to do there, after all the post doesn’t violate the netiquette of the “Fernsehgarten” Facebook page. There it only says: “Keep your comments in German so that everyone can participate in the exchange. Discussing with friends and other fans is best done in a friendly and respectful tone.” And the viewers only expressed their opinion. (Got, sj)