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Netflix is currently the streaming platform par excellence worldwide and the recent premiere of its original series “File 81″ It enchanted many subscribers, the truth is that, in an already usual movement for the company, the series was canceled after just one season, which has already become a source of laughter on the networks.

Since Netflix began providing its service, it has always been concerned with maintaining a large amount of original content on its platform and with the success of some of its productions, this has increased. Unfortunately, many original series end up being canceled after a few weeks. or even days of its premieres.

Netflix series that have suffered the same end as “File 81″, canceled after a single season

The case of “File 81” is a very particular one, since the series had an excellent reception by critics and the general public, in the same way Netflix announced that there will be no more episodes of the series, something similar to what happened with “I Am Not Okay With This”a production that premiered in 2020 and was a victim of the pandemic.

“I Am Not Okay With This” It was based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman and followed the story of a teenager who must discover who she is while dealing with the fact that she had made a great discovery about herself, her superpowers. The series saw the light of day in February 2020 but the rave reviews couldn’t save it.

On the other hand “away” It was also canceled just a month after its premiere, probably due to the large number of shows that are already on Netflix that revolve around space travel, so it was difficult for him to connect with the audience, and the pandemic would have made it difficult to make a second season.

After the immense commercial and critical success of “Bojack Horseman”, the platform tried to replicate it with another animated show, something that until now had not been its strong point and “Tuca And Bertie” was proof of this. After its premiere in 2019, the news of a second season went up in smoke by announcing its cancellation.

Likewise, Netflix tried to revive the success of its youth mysteries such as “Stranger Things” with “The Society”a series created by Christopher Keyser and strongly inspired by the successful novel “The Lord of the Flies”, in this case a renewal for a second season was achieved, but due to the pandemic it also ended up being cancelled.

Another great surprise due to the general reception it had was “Soundtrack”, the musical series that surprised many in 2019, telling the story of various citizens of Los Angeles who see their lives intertwined and with very innovative musical segments. Ultimately, the series was unable to continue its story and was canceled shortly after its premiere.

Series that Netflix canceled and will never have a second season on the platform

If there is a type of series that Netflix likes, it is those that revolve around groups of teenagers and in 2019 they launched a very interesting “day-break” It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where only the young survived. Heavily inspired by the “Mad Max” movie series and directly based on the comic of the same name, it ended up cancelled.

Other productions added to this list are “The Get Down”, “Girlboss”, “Disjointed” and more recently, due to many critics, the live action adaptation of “Cowboy Bebop”.

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