Film Festival: the 5 must-see films in theaters for only 4 euros

It’s summer and officially the return of the Film Festival. From Sunday July 3 to Wednesday July 6 inclusive, many theaters across France are joining forces with this event to offer spectators screenings at an unbeatable price, 4 euros per seat. The perfect time to see or catch up on all the films that are currently showing without breaking the bank or doubting the quality of what you are about to discover. On this occasion, QG offers you a selection of 5 films not to be missed during the Film Festival.

Top Gun: Maverick

With more than 4 million admissions in France and nearly a billion dollars in revenue worldwide, Top Gun: Maverick is undoubtedly the biggest success of the year 2022 at the cinema. And for good reason: Tom Cruise’s reunion with his character Pete Mitchell, an impetuous airplane pilot, is as breathtaking as it is overwhelming. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this sequel is a high-flying blockbuster, which offers classic action scenes in the air but also manages to produce some great emotional moments when it lands on dry land. And like all of Tom Cruise’s films, it’s also a fascinating reflection on the actor who, at nearly 60, still refuses to slow down.


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After a passage noticed by the Cannes Film Festival, Elvis landed in French theaters on June 22. Baz Luhrmann’s biopic is like the director: gleaming, magnetic and at times uncontrollable. The director of Red Mill ! stops at nothing for more than 2h40, remixing the King’s music to match the tastes of the time. It’s a film that makes people talk, which has its admirers as well as its detractors. The subject on which everyone seems to agree, however, is the performance of Austin Butler, staggering in the skin of Elvis Presley. The young actor seems transcended by the mission given to him. What to afford an Oscar for best actor next March? Still difficult to say but he is already positioned as one of the big favourites.