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    We get good news from Paris? We have no confirmation that it is from there, but judging by the last images of ‘You’ looks like Joe might be up to his old tricks in the city of love. We say this because Netflix has just announced that the filming of season 4 has already started and we have been overwhelmed with emotion because that means that the return is closer. Of course, remember that they still have to shoot, assemble and that will take a few months. With a little luck, perhaps, by the end of the year we could have the next chapters on the starting track.

    The Instagram account dedicated to the series posted a photo of a clapperboard to make this announcement and we see jets of drawn blood. This makes us think that Goldberg’s crimes will not stop even in a place as idyllic as the French capital. Who will be his next victim? Let’s hope she doesn’t find her ex-library partner because her life would be in danger.

    clapperboard image


    The platform has not given details about the plot of ‘You 4’, nor about its distribution. The only thing that is clear to us is that Penn Badgley returns and will do so without Love. From the latest data, we know that he has changed his identity again, but we also do not know if he will continue to be linked to the world of books or will surprise us with another profession. The actor who plays him has not given any clues on networks, but we will follow in his footsteps in case he gives us some juicy news about what will happen.

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