Filtered images of Emilia Clarke who would replace Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman 2’

United States.- The lawsuit between Amber Heard against Johnny Depp It is costing them both their careers, first the actor’s contracts were terminated after his ex-wife claimed to have been a victim of abuse. But now while he is in the trial which it seems that he is losing, her career as an actress begins to crumble, because it has reached the point where the companies that ask that the star of Hollywood was withdrawn from the tape of “Aquaman 2” they reached more than 4 million signatures.

It is said that this situation was not overlooked by Warner executives, who are anticipating changes in the cast of the film to prevent it from being a resounding failure at the box office.

After how well it went James Gunn Suicide Squadit is said that the production house is not in a position to add one more failure to its cinematographic universe of DCso it is said that the directors of Warner and DC have already decided to terminate Amber Heard’s contract for the film “Aquaman 2” and have replaced her with another actress who is very loved by fans of the saga.

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Keith Flamer, a reporter for Forbes, assures that sources close to the production informed him that Amber Heard has already been replaced by Emilia Clarkethe protagonist of Game of Thrones, who will give life to the character of Mera.

Fans circulate photos of what the actress would look like in Mera’s outfit. Photo: Twitter.

So far Warner has not issued a statement on this subject, but the rumor is growing stronger that Warner and DC have already completely eliminated Amber from the film; It is even said that some recordings of Heard in the film have already been cut, and that the total of the scenes that were removed is 10 minutes.

While the fans of Emilia Clarke and Aquaman are already celebrating the inclusion of the actress as Mera, and they still remember that for a few years everyone had asked that she be the queen of the ocean.

On social networks you can see a great movement of fans with many comments and requests, both new and old, who want to see whoever brought Queen Khaleesi to life now playing Mera.

It has taken such force the request of the followers of Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke that some have already begun to circulate photographs of how the actress would look like sheathed in Mera’s costume; images that have gone viral, as they serve to put pressure on the executives of the production company to include the actress in the cast of the new installment of Aquaman.

Filming is known to have been pushed back and is thought to be to include Clarke. Photo: Twitter.

This is because the actress and Jason Momoa had already scored tremendous success, achieving a breakthrough in their professional careers by playing the characters in the successful and multi-award winning series of HBO. So the followers and fans are already more than attentive for the reunion on the screen of Momoa and Clarke.

For what is known at the moment is that the filming was postponed from the winter of this year until the spring of 2023. For this reason, the Warner calendar also underwent other changes, it is believed that it has to do with the possible re-recordings of the studio to replace heard with clarke.

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