Filtered photo of Pepe Aguilar’s son with Chapo’s daughter

The Aguilar dynasty is one of the most important families within Mexican regional music where both Ángela and Leonardo have excelled in singing, however, their half brother has remained away from the spotlight but has become a trend after it was leaked a photo where he appears with the El Chapo’s daughter.

Emiliano Aguilarfell from grace within the middle of the show after having faced a legal process, because in 2017 he had to be investigated for alleged human trafficking, time in which he remained in jail, however, he has returned to give what speak but not in the best way.

It was through the official Instagram account of the journalist Nelssie Carrillo, who shared a photograph in which she appears Emiliano Aguilar With Rose Isela Guzmandaughter of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman Loerawhere they are seen very happy and very close.

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This friendly meeting quickly caused a series of theories to be unleashed in social media on whether they maintain some kind of relationship or the reason why they appear together, however, until now Pepe Aguilar’s son has not commented on the matter, leaving an open letter to speculation.

Filtered photo of Pepe Aguilar’s son with El Chapo’s daughter, are they a couple? Photo: Instagram

So far the exact date on which the photograph was taken is not known and why they are together in what appears to be a beauty salon, the message also appears: ‘Happy Mothers Day!’ or ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’.

On the other hand, Rosa Isela assures that she is one of the 16 daughters and sons that the drug trafficker has, although in an investigation carried out by La Jornada it was revealed that this woman was not the daughter of El Chapo and her name was not Rosa Isela either, the doubts resurfaced. when he appeared at the kingpin’s court hearings in the United States.

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Although Guzmán Loera’s family does not recognize her as the daughter of El Chapo, despite the fact that Rosa has defended him from the accusations against him and has said that she remembers him as someone loving and dedicated to his family.

Filtered photo of Pepe Aguilar’s son with El Chapo’s daughter, are they a couple? Photo: Instagram

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