Final chapter of the ‘Moon Knight’ series reveals a new superhero

United States.- Fans of Marvel were shocked to see the last chapter of the “Moon Knight” series, which is broadcast on the platform of Disney +, because right at the end a new heroine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM).

This is Layla El-Faouly, the character created by May Calamawywho with the passing of the chapters was only shown as a voice on the phone that seemed to be very concerned about Marc Spector.

However, as the series ran, Moon Knight fans were deciphering that said character was not only “someone on the phone” but also had a great connection with Spector.

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It is known that Marc was the murderer of his father, Abdullah El-Faoulywho sought her out to meet her and tell her the truth about her father, but with a twist in the script he ended up marrying her.

Without missing the intelligence of the followers of the Marvel Universe, the series left many clues to the identity of this new heroine, who is revealed when episode 6 of “Moon Knight” explodes in style.

Abdallah El-Faouly was the one who sought her out to meet her and tell her the truth about her father. Photo: Special.

The final episode of “Moon Knight”, as the series was translated into Spanish, exposed Layla who is the Scarlet Beetle, a transformation that was already more than expected by fans, since her father called her “My little beetle”.

Also, let’s remember that he wore a cape with a beetle design, as it appeared in the fourth chapter, like Layla who had a bandaged hand and a red beetle on top.

Another clue was that the last name Faoul was a play on words, as had already been seen with Wandavision with Aghata Harknesswhich gave a clue as to where the plot would go.

This episode leaves all the fans with an ending very similar to that of Lokiwhere anything could be possible in the future, which they are already enjoying doing in all the MCU superhero installments.

The series made it clear that Layla is Taweret’s avatar, but confirms that it is only temporary, however, and unlike Konshu abandoning Marc, this is not shown to happen with Layla.

This is Layla El-Faouly, the character created by May Calamawy. Photo: Special.

What caught the attention is that she manages to maintain her powers and it could have to do with Taweret, it is intuited that the agreement they reached was better than the one she had Konshū with Spector, because this divinity wanted to completely enslave the mercenary.

So it is speculated that perhaps a second season of the series will deal more with the character Layla, or perhaps with Marc trying to recover his pact. Whatever it is Marvel managed, once again, to create a surprising fiction.

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