Final sprint at Depp and Heard

excitement. It’s the defamation lawsuit of the year raging between Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Heard accused her ex-husband of domestic violence – he is suing for $50 million in damages. Her counterclaim is 100 million. In the process that has been going on for five weeks, Depp has so far been able to demonstrate more or less credibly that Heard’s allegations against him are largely refutable. On Monday, Heard’s sister testified against Depp as an alleged eyewitness.

Final. Heard backed up allegations that Depp tried to push Amber down the stairs by arguing that he had allegedly tried to do so with his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss, with whom Johnny was involved in the ’90s.

Moss himself is said to be interviewed via video link on Wednesday and to testify, which caused quiet cheers in Depp’s defense. Moss could deny Heard’s testimony in court and call her a liar. The supermodel is said to be friends with Depp to this day.

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On Friday, the lawyers’ closing arguments are on the agenda before a verdict is reached.