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The activity bonus is not automatically distributed to all workers in France. Indeed, it is a financial aid which aims to encourage professional activity. Distributed by the CAF (family allowance fund), this social aid supports the purchasing power of French workers who do not exceed a monthly income according to a certain scale. The activity bonus therefore takes into account the resources of the household and is adapted according to these data. It is calculated on the basis of a quarterly declaration to the CAF bodies. Our website colleagues Family Folder offer a simulator to allow Internet users to quickly check whether they are eligible for the activity bonus. Especially since this aid was upgraded last April. It would therefore be a pity, Objeko grant it to you, to deprive yourself of it.

All about the activity bonus

We are going to review all the details that will allow you to know if you can claim this state aid. Because you have to meet several conditions to benefit from the activity bonus. Then, we will see how to apply for it as well as the amounts that beneficiaries can expect to receive. Our colleagues on the website Family Folder have, like the official site of the Public Service, listed all the information on the subject.

The conditions for obtaining

The activity bonus has existed since January 1, 2016 and it intervenes to support one of the former prerogatives of the RSA (active solidarity income). This is a monthly payment, distributed by the CAF or by the MSA (mutualité sociale agricole). To benefit from it, you must meet several eligibility conditions.

  • Being older than 18 ;
  • be an employee, civil servant, self-employed or farmer;
  • reside in France;
  • have French nationality or meet the necessary residence conditions;
  • justify income that does not exceed a certain ceiling.

Once all these conditions are met, it is therefore possible to apply for an activity bonus, which will be favorable. But it is indeed necessary to know the income threshold that should not be exceeded. This is called the means test. And Objeko will not teach you that all social assistance depends on this criterion. The scales may nevertheless differ from one social aid to another. Also, it should be noted that some bonuses compensate each other. For example, housing assistance is deducted from the monthly amount of the RSA payment. But it should be noted above all that your income must not exceed 1.5 times the minimum wage per month to be eligible for this bonus.

The amounts of the activity bonuses

Once again, the colleagues ofObjeko at the house of Family Folder list all the information needed to understand the calculation. Here are all the elements likely to determine the amount of your income. Elements on which your eligibility rights for the activity bonus will therefore be calculated.

  • income from professional activity or replacement such as unemployment benefits, sickness benefits, maternity benefits, etc.;
  • free accommodation;
  • alimony;
  • benefits and social assistance (housing assistance, family allowances, etc.) with the exception of some of them (birth bonus, free choice of childcare supplement, etc.);
  • other income subject to income tax.

Finally, the amounts of the activity bonus in 2022 will take into account the composition of your tax household. So that, depending on whether you live alone or as a couple, with children or not, the amount will adapt. The amount can thus range from 553 euros to 1,161 euros depending on this parameter. So all you have to do is try the simulator to find out if you can benefit from the bonus.