Find out why she is one of the favorites of Miss Universe 2022: she is Amanda Dudamel, the Miss Venezuela who seeks to win the crown for her country is the daughter of the former technical director of Vinotinto | People | Entertainment

The name of Venezuela resounds again in the next contest of the Miss Universe 2022. With the participation of Amanda Dudamel, the South American country manages to be in the top five favorites to win the crown of the universal beauty event.

Undoubtedly, the young woman owns a great personality with which she has won the attention of missologists who see her as the great hope of a nation known for its beauty queens, with seven Venezuelans crowned in the entire history of the contest.

However, the famous contest did not escape the crisis that is flooding that country, and in 2018 the organization was singled out with accusations of corruption that were added to the allegations of sexual favors, which led to the departure of the beauty czar, Osmel Sousa.

She is Amanda Dudamel, the Venezuelan candidate who wants to win Miss Universe 2022

At just 23 years old, Amanda Dudamel carries on her shoulders the mission of reconquering the Miss Universe contest that her compatriots won 7 times. And since this January 5, she arrived in New Orleans, on the way to participate in the event where she already shares great experiences with the rest of her classmates.

His last name is unmistakable and the passion and gallantry inherited from his father, Rafael Dudamel, the former coach of Vinotinto who was filled with glory with the team’s legendary victories a few years ago, recalls the newspaper El País de Colombia. .

Could he be a footballer? Perhaps, because he has all the impetus and the necessary virtues to succeed in this profession. But she chose to be a model and set out to reach the national contest to carry the Miss Venezuela sash, and she achieved that goal.

Discipline and dedication is the learning that he inherited from his father, after growing up in sports concentrations, he remembers that his father got up very early, at 5 in the morning, to be one of the first to arrive on the field.

“I am ready to write my own story, from scratch, because each one has its particular touch and we have different things to offer,” was the response of the 1.78-meter-tall young woman with a charming smile to say that she does not allow herself to be pressured by the triumphs of the past, before a streak that was cut several years ago in which Venezuela is not among the top 10.

In each interview, Amanda Dudamel reveals how she has built a self-assured personality, after obtaining the title of fashion designer at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy, a country she left to compete for the Miss Venezuela band. in 2020.

It will be the first time that a participant can defend her band abroad speaking perfectly the English language, which she learned in South Africa where she lived in her adolescence with her parents, who have moved through several countries around the world for their work.

Born in Mérida, the young woman gives a tender smile when she is told about the professionalism of her father, the current technical director of Deportivo Cali, a Colombian team that keeps the coach outside his homeland, specifically in Colombia.

Always ready to offer an assertive response, she declares that she had a year of hard work to prepare herself with classes in public speaking, makeup, dance, public speaking, geopolitics, catwalk and styling, on the latter she highlighted that it is what distinguishes Venezuelans in their step for international beauty pageants.

There is no doubt that Amanda Dudamel’s maturity, fluency in communication and authenticity give her an opportunity to be part of the group of favorites in the 71st edition of Miss Universe 2022, which will be held on January 14 in New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana, United States. (AND)

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