Fiona Erdmann: “I think of my mom very often”

Fiona Erdmann’s mother died in 2016. The model commemorates her mother with a sweet child’s picture. The resemblance between mother and daughter cannot be overlooked.

Fiona Erdmann (33) had to say goodbye to her beloved mother Luzie far too early in 2016. She died of a nervous disease at the age of 56. Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21st in many Arab countries. Fiona Erdmann, who lives with her family in Dubai, takes this special day as an opportunity to commemorate her mother. The former GNTM participant posts a picture from her childhood days on Instagram and writes touching lines about it.

Little cleaning devil in the video above! Her son (1) runs the household so cute.

Fiona Erdmann and her mom see each other in a similar way

In the picture you can see Fiona Erdmann as a small child on her mother’s lap. It is immediately noticeable that Fiona Erdmann is the spitting image of her beautiful mother these days. Both have the same beaming smile on their faces. Actress Kim-Sarah Brandts (38) comments: “You look so similar to your Ma”. And the fans are also amazed at the resemblance. A fan addresses encouraging words to Fiona Erdmann: “Your mom is definitely so proud of you for what you’ve done so far.”

Fiona Erdmann: “She is and remains the best”

In her post, Fiona Erdmann thanks all the mothers in the world who are doing an “incredible job”. She also explicitly thanks her own mother, who taught her so much and “above all” showed so much love. The model also wants to pass this love on to her own children. Fiona Erdmann already has son Leo Luan (1) from her relationship with her partner Moe and is currently expecting her second child. Fiona Erdmann’s close connection to her mother is also reflected in these heartbreaking lines: “By the way, I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot in the last few days. She is and will always be the best”.