Fiorella Cayo and André Castañeda northern beaches: “Only you make me fly” (VIDEO) | farandula-celebs-peru | SHOWS

The actress fiorella key and the former reality boy André Castañeda were caught enjoying together the beaches of the north of the country.

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The “Amor y Fuego” program, hosted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre, shared images of the alleged couple vacationing with the other Cayo family, also celebrating the choreographer’s birthday.

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The former participant of “Combate” published, on his Instagram account, a photograph with Stephanie Cayo’s sister with a tender message: “Happy birthday churra”. “Very cool you then. You turned my 2022 into a very special one, ”he replied.

In another of the publications, Cayo and Castañeda are observed practicing Flyoard, an extreme sport that allows them to fly over the sea.

“André Castañeda only you make me fly, fall into the sea and turn again. I wouldn’t let anyone else carry me with one hand and have the propeller and camera with the other while balancing so as not to let me fall. Thank you for that incredible experience that you gave me and for taking care of me,” wrote the dancer.

Miss Venezuela denies boycotting Alessia Rovegno in Miss Universe: “She sat down and broke it”

In an interview with Luis Olavarrieta’s YouTube channel, Amanda Dudamel assured that Miss Universe was quite calm and they all got along well.

However, Miss Venezuela thought it was necessary to explain the alleged sabotage against Alessia Rovegno, without respecting the fact that Miss Peru preferred to remain silent about what happened to her gala dress and shoes before the Miss Universe preliminary competition.

“There was a situation that was misinterpreted because Miss Peru commented that she had problems with her final gala dress, but in reality it was that she broke it because she sat down, but on social networks the story was that it had been broken and that they had stolen her heels,” said Amanda Dudamel.