Fiorella Cayo and André Castañeda would have a relationship and vacation together in northern Peru: “You make me fly” | Love and fire | Instagram | Peruvian TV | Videos | show business

Are they more than friends? André Castañeda and Fiorella Cayo set off the alarms when they were seen very close on a recent trip they made for the actress’s birthday.

fiorella key and André Castañeda are in the crosshairs of the national press after showing off very close together on a recent trip to the northern beaches of the country. Although they have shown that they maintain a beautiful friendship, the followers of both have begun to speculate about a possible relationship between them, due to the affectionate way in which they treat each other, in addition to the tender messages that they have begun to share with each other. in social networks.

Are Fiorella Cayo and André Castañeda in a relationship?

It all started on January 7, the date on which the Peruvian actress celebrated another year of life in the company of her loved ones with an intimate meeting on the beaches of Naplo and Pucusana. However, the surprising thing about the holiday was that Andre Castaneda He also shared this special date next to her.

Likewise, he took the opportunity and sent him a tender greeting through his Instagram account. “Happy birthday, churra,” wrote the ex-combatant. However, things did not end there, as the renowned artist responded to the message. “Very cool you, then. You turned my 2022 into a very special one, ”she pointed out, to the surprise of many.

Fiorella Cayo dedicated a long message to André Castañeda

On the other hand, on his Instagram profile, fiorella key he took the time to dedicate an entire publication to André Castañeda. In this, he recounts the experience they had together flyboarding in the middle of the trip they had to the north and how happy he feels to have lived that moment with him.

“André, only you make me fly, fall into the sea and turn again. I wouldn’t let anyone else carry me with one hand and have the propeller and camera with the other while balancing so as not to let me fall. Thank you for that incredible experience that you gave me and for taking care of me. I can do better! ”, wrote the aunt of Alessia Rovegno.