First photo of Catherine Deneuve as Bernadette Chirac for the film “La Tortue”

The actress plays the wife of President Chirac in this film by Léa Domenach, expected in 2023.

Catherine Deneuve in the skin of a former First Lady. The French actress lends her features to Bernadette Chirac in the film The turtlecurrently filming, the first photos of which have just been unveiled by Paris Match.

The star of eight women appears there wearing an impeccable brushing and dressed in a strict suit. She is accompanied by actor Michel Vuillermoz, who slips into the costume of former President Jacques Chirac, who died in 2019 at the age of 86.

Both are perched on a balcony; according to Paris Matchit is a recreation ofa photo taken on the evening of May 5, 2002date of Jacques Chirac’s re-election to the presidency, when the couple greeted the crowd.

Still according to the weekly, “the turtle” is the nickname Jacques Chirac had chosen for his wife. This feature film, in theaters in 2023, is signed Léa Domenach, co-screenwriter of the series Young and Golri. His father, the journalist Nicolas Domenach, wrote several books on Jacques Chirac.

Claude Chirac annoyed

The magazine adds that Claude Chirac, daughter of Jacques and Bernadette Chirac, has not been contacted by the team leading the project. “They may not know that Bernadette is still alive,” she says.

The turtle will also mark the return of Catherine Deneuve to the cinema, three years after her ischemic vascular accident which suspended the filming of In his lifetime. The 78-year-old actress reappeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021 to present the film there. She took the stage at the Grand Rex last March to perform a song with Rufus Wainwright.