First photo of Gerard Piqué with Clara Chía causes reactions on social networks

And it is that it is the first photo published by Gerard Piqué himself with his new partner, the Spanish Clara Chía, which for many is the only thing that was missing in his soap opera with Shakira.

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the publication accumulated almost a million and a half ‘likes’ on Instagram in its first 3 hours on the airin addition to an equally important number of comments.

Comments on the first photo of Gerard Piqué with his new girlfriend Clara Chía

Opinions were divided among the people who commented on the photo. The verified accounts, mainly from friends or former teammates of the former Barcelona defender. Among them were Riqui Puig, a Los Angeles Galaxy footballer, and Carles Aleñá, from Getafe, who told him that the image was to put “in the fireplace”.

But the other comments were not so kind. Several pointed out to Piqué of immaturity: “When she gets old, you still won’t have matured”said one. “I don’t know the reasons and I’m not interested, but I saw that she makes fun of the one that she was the wife and mother of her children, even in front of one of them. That is demeaning and immature ”, another person criticized him.

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“I don’t know why they celebrate someone who cheated on his wife,” someone said.

Of course, there was no lack of mockery: “This one wants a remix”said another Internet user, referring to the “tiraera” that Shakira dedicated to him, and it has been the trigger for the scandal. “Enjoy while it lasts”pointed out one more, with irony.

And of course there was no shortage of comparisons: “Shakira is better, don’t suck Piqué”, “CLEARLY Shak was right”, and “you changed a Rolex for a Casio”they reproached him.

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Chía did not leave unscathed: “She is clearly a homewrecker,” they pointed out. “Clearly they forced him to upload it” and “I would bet my ovary that the lady forced him to post the photo”they added.

There were even those who spoke of the alleged infidelity that Piqué would have already had with another woman: “That’s to cover up the romance with the lawyer” and “the photo itself post chunks as to keep it calm”they said.

This is the photo that caused all the reactions: