First photo of Solea! “Looks like dad”

Big premiere for Sarah Engels, 29: she finally shows her daughter Solea’s face!

  • Sarah Engels’ daughter was born in December
  • The singer has kept Solea’s face secret so far
  • Now there is finally the first photo of the girl – completely uncensored

Sarah Engels: Big secret about Solea’s appearance

On December 2, 2021, Sarah Engels and her husband Julian had their first child together. Since then, the former DSDS finalist has given insights into her everyday life as a mother of two and an artist almost every day. But unlike her son Alessio, who arose from Sarah’s marriage to Pietro Lombardi, she does not show her daughter Solea. The curiosity of her fans is of course great and Sarah even knew how to increase it in the past. Because only a few weeks ago she revealed sweet details about her second offspring: “By the way, she looks exactly like dad and has crystal blue eyes … but for that Mama’s nose.”

That sounds pretty cute! And now Sarah and Julian are finally providing the proof: for the first time ever they are showing it her daughter’s face!

1st photo of Solea creates excitement

The fans had to wait a long time, now the time had finally come. On his Instagram profile, Julian published a photo showing Solea’s face for the first time. In the picture, Sarah is proudly holding the little girl who is looking curiously at the camera. “My Girls! I’ll Carry You Forever”the footballer wrote about the recording and attached the hashtag #prouddaddy.

And indeed, the “I” interpreter has not promised too much. Many fans also recognize a large one Similarity between Solea and Julian.

Omg she is cute, looks like daddy!

Just the papa, sweet mouse

But something of the papa

Users can’t believe Sarah and Julian have kept their babies from them for so long, they are absolutely besotted with Baby Solea’s looks! The euphoria is not surprising, after all, the 29-year-old only declared at the weekend that she did not know when and if she would ever show her daughter publicly.

Source used: Instagram