First public appearance after the death of her son Emilio (†18)

Emilio Ballack died in an accident eight months ago. His mother now dared to step back into the limelight: Simone Ballack took part in a public event – ​​for a touching reason.

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It is an unimaginable tragedy that befell Simone and Michael Ballack last August. The second eldest son of the former national soccer team captain and his ex-wife died in an accident. Emilio was only 18 years old.

For weeks, the family withdrew completely from the public. For the birthday of her deceased son in September, Simone Ballack reported back to social media for the first time and dedicated touching words to Emilio.

Since then, she has always given a little insight into her life, posted photos of things to do with friends or her birthday party. However, the 46-year-old avoided appearances at events and red carpets. Now she dared to take the first step back into the public eye.

“If I can help children, I’ll always be there”

Simone Ballack stood on the stage for more than two hours and moderated a charity event of the Uschi Glas Foundation in Munich. A heart’s work, because “if I can help children, I’m always there. It’s always been important to me and now it’s even more important anyway,” says the mother of three. There is no better opportunity for her to “step out again,” she emphasized in an interview with RTL.

Simone Ballack moderated a charity gala.  (Source: Instagram / Mariella Ahrens)Simone Ballack moderated a charity gala. (Source: Instagram / Mariella Ahrens)

In a high-necked red dress with matching pumps, Simone Ballack cut a great figure on stage. Actress Mariella Ahrens proudly shared photos of her friend on Instagram. Hostess Uschi Glas also admires the strength with which the 46-year-old masters this stroke of fate. “It’s a disaster when something like this happens to you, but on the other hand I think it’s important that you look ahead again,” she said RTL.

Simone Ballack’s commitment paid off: in the end, more than 33,000 euros were collected for needy children. Through the organization “BrotZeit eV” they can be provided with breakfast every morning.