First Sun Forum of Grupo Firme and they receive a fine for exceeding

Firm Group is one of the most important groups within the Mexican regional, its success has been increasing and its tour of the United States has been proof of it, however, this time they broke it at their first concert at the Foro Sol in Mexico but ended up with a hefty fine.

And it is that the famous The group returned to the stage having a great reception from its more than 65 thousand attendees, but it was so long that they put together the party that they must pay a fine to the authorities of Mexico City.

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In each concert, a schedule is set to which the artists must adhere, and this Grupo Firme concert was supposed to end at 10:45 at night, as reported by the security personnel, but because the atmosphere was very turned on and the public was increasingly partying, they decided to extend the presentation until 11:45 at night.

Although the only thing they played extra was an hour, the truth is that the attendees did not let Grupo Firme get off the stage, because at 11:38 they launched fireworks and even the leader of the group, Eduin Cazclosed with the song ‘Gracias’, but they kept asking for more songs.

Even the group was no longer on stage when the audience was screaming for more music and to continue the party, so Eduin returned to perform more songs, but not before saying: “If you want to stay, we stay, we pay the fine and we stay.”

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In accordance with the Law for the Celebration of Public Shows in CDMX, those who do not respect the hours authorized by the Mayor’s Office for the presentation of public shows, will be subject to a sanction.

In article 80, this law states that the fine can be equivalent to 50 to 100 days of minimum wage General in force in Mexico City. Same that does not contemplate the prohibition to return to the premises. This was the first concert of four that Grupo Firme will offer at Foro Sol.

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