Fitness blogger Sophia Thiel presents new hair color

Fitness blogger and influencer Sophia Thiel (27) said goodbye to her blonde mane. As she shows in an Instagram clip, her hair is now “soft pink”. She also writes: “Unfortunately, this color washes out again … should I permanently dye my hair a stronger pink?” She wants to know from her 1.3 million followers. One thing is certain so far: she likes the new look or, to put it in her own words: “I like!”

Fans of the fitness influencer are enthusiastic about the new hairstyle

A lot of positive things can be read in the comment column. “It suits you so well,” writes model and ex-“GNTM” participant Romina Palm (23). “Love” is read by the former track cyclist and two-time Olympic champion Kristina Vogel (32).

Other users write: “You look great, Sophia, I think your look is iconic, you look sooo good with your skin tone. I’m Team Rose-Gold” and “I think the color suits you. It’s all pink a lot. An in-between is mega” or “The color of your hair and your eyes. That’s a match!!!!”

In a story, Sophia Thiel promises even more: “On Sunday there will be the complete transformation on YouTube!”

If you want to know more about Sophia Thiel, watch the video!