Flashback – Mike Brant: his crazy night of love with Sophie Darel

This Monday, April 25 marks the forty-seventh anniversary of the death of singer Mike Brant, a real star in the 1970s. The opportunity to remember his passionate romance with host Sophie Darel.

47 years ago to the day, Mike Brant died at the age of 28. After long months of depression, the singer, exhausted by fame and the harassment of his fans, committed suicide in Paris, much to the dismay of his audience. Throughout his life, the Israeli artist, known for being a great seducer, multiplied amorous conquests. Among them : Sophie Darel. The 1970s star and TV host actually lived an adventure, short but passionate. After several weeks of flirting, they mostly spent a crazy night togethercould we read in the columns of France Sundayin 2007.

At the time, “The more time passes, the more I want him”, told the newspaper Sophie Darel, who also has a past with Claude François. “But, before abandoning myself to him, I take malicious pleasure in making him wait and making me wait”, she continued. However, they will eventually give in to temptation. “We both knew it. It was a unique experience in both senses of the word: that of the exception and that of the unique: only once. Not twice!” also told the accomplice of Guy Lux. Years after their night of love, the presenter “keep a huge smile from him, which he gave on demand”she told France Sunday.

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“Magnificent”, “very funny”… Sophie Darel’s praise for Mike Brant

Guest on the set of Non Stop People in November 2016, Sophie Darel had once again poured out about this idyll. She first admitted that Mike Brant hadcourtship for a long timebefore she finally gives in to his advances. “He liked a lot of people”, she explained. The 77-year-old singer and actress then admitted that, despite their mutual attraction, she was not “not particularly in love with him” at the time. His personality, however, won her over.He was a very funny person. He used to call my parents sometimes, disguising his voice.”, she said. But it is above all the advantageous physique of the crooner which ended up making Sophie Darel crack. “He was magnificent, he was very tall, very handsome, very good”assured the one who suffered three cancers on the set of It starts todayon France 2, in December 2021.

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