Flashback – When Eric Zemmour called Vladimir Poutine “man of the year”

On several occasions in the past, Eric Zemmour has praised Vladimir Putin’s policies. Worse still, the presidential candidate called it “man of the year” during an intervention on the set of iTélé, in December 2013.

When Eric Zemmour complimented Vladimir Poutine for his policy. In these times of war between Russia and Ukraine, many archives are resurfacing on the Internet. Among them, our media colleagues Stubborn found a TV intervention by Eric Zemmour on the set ofiTV (renamed C news), dated December 2013. Faced with Léa Salamé and Nicolas Domenach, the 2022 presidential candidate has chosen his favorite personality from 2013. And surprised…

If Nicolas Domenach appointed Pope Francis because of his “the most anti-capitalist leftist discourse there is, the most operational, which sends us back to formidable demands for solidarity“, Eric Zemmour preferred Vladimir Poutine to himremember Entertainment TV. Léa Salamé ironically greeted the “great democrat” at the head of the Kremlin. To explain his choice, the politician said: “What is democracy ? Is it the majority of the people? In this case, he is a great democrat. General de Gaulle was treated as a fascist by Nicolas Domenach’s older brothers! Diplomatically, Putin is the king of the year with Syria, with Ukraine, which he snatched from Europe, the screen of NATO.”

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Eric Zemmour praised Vladimir Putin for his anti-gay policy

The politician also hailed Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay policy : “I repeat, because I am not hiding behind my little finger: Putin who becomes the last bulwark against political correctness, against gay communitarianism, multiculturalism.Comments he also made on Paris Premiere opposite Eric Naulleau on the show Zen in 2013. For Eric Zemmour, the master of the Kremlin is “opposed to Western decadence on same-sex marriage, on multiculturalism…” And when it is pointed out to him that he is not a great democrat, he is adamant on the subject: “He is elected. He does not traffic too much.” Eight years after these remarks, does Eric Zemmour still dedicate a certain “admiration” to Vladimir Putin?

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