Flavie Flament in mourning: She mourns the death of a loved one!

Flavie Flament is currently in the worst possible condition after the announcement of the death of a being who meant a lot to her. It has now been several years since they had shared their daily life and the death of the latter was a real shock for the one who had caused a sensation in a swimsuit. We thus understand the particularly strong words that she used to pay tribute to him through one of his publications on Instagram. A photo of her Osaka cat in the foreground. It was her way of saying goodbye to this animal that had shared her daily life for a long time.

Flavie Flament in the worst shape since the death of her pet

Fortunately, Flavie Flament could count on the unconditional support of her fans to overcome this tragedy. The latter were indeed many to have sent comforting messages to him in the comments section of his publication. However, she had wanted to hide her sadness by using the card of humor. “… You’re really a bitch to have crossed out like that…” she wrote in the caption of her photo. Enough to make the members of his community react even more.

Let’s hope that this sad news announced by Flavie Flament does not prevent him from moving forward. She who currently has many professional projects in progress. If the sadness will be difficult to dispel, she will most certainly be able to show strength and courage in such circumstances. Anyway, that’s all we want.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/253587-flavie-flament-en-deuil-elle-pleure-la-mort-dun-etre-cher-a-son-coeur