Flor de Toloache takes the mariachi to the alternative sound – El Sol de México

The experience of having sung in the New York Subway almost 15 years ago, the mixed feelings they experienced when they were rejected for their concept, the discrimination on the part of their colleagues and the great successes they have achieved are part of the history of Flor de Toloache.

And it is precisely those experiences that, transformed into original songs, will make up the fifth album of the girl group, which they plan to release in October.

Mireya Ramos and Shae Fiol, founders of the female mariachi, advanced in an interview with The Sun of Mexico that, while fulfilling their responsibilities in Aztec lands, they keep in parallel the production work of their new album, without an official title at the moment.

“The concept of the entire album is the story of Flor de Toloache, of our entire career. Our path began in 2008 in the New York Subway, we entertained all kinds of traditional celebrations such as XV years, weddings, we sang to the Virgin of Guadalupe, in every corner of New York there we were, “says Mireya.

“It was in this search that we found our style, we found the right tone of voice and we discovered our own label, all of which will be reflected in our next album, which will be the first that does not include covers (unlike past albums)”, he adds.

His path has not been easy. First, because other mariachis who lived in the United States did not support her talent because Mireya is not 100 percent Mexican; She is American, however, Mexican blood runs through her veins since her father was originally from Michoacán and her life was dedicated to the mariachi as well.

In addition, being a woman was also an impediment so that they could give her more opportunities, but that did not truncate the artist’s dream, her passion for music was so great that she fought to create her own group of women dedicated to mariachi.

“At the beginning I was one of the only women in the genre in the United States and I didn’t have the freedom to sing the songs I wanted, make my own arrangements, I had to follow the tradition that, although it is important, I wanted to do more things, follow growing and experimenting”, assured Mireya.

Six years after founding their concept they released their debut album Mariachi Flor de Toloache (2014), followed by the pretty faces (2017), Indestructible (2019) and recently Florecita Rock-ERA (2022).

“We had the objective of connecting with the Latin public because we had not been able to tour in Latin America and this album is a good opportunity to connect if they still do not know our music, they will understand the concept and they will see that we are an alternative mariachi”, he said. the artist.

The group will tour their successes and offer previews of the new songs at their shows this April 23 in Querétaro, on the 27th at the Foro del Tejedor, in Mexico City and on the 30th at the Pepsi Center, where they will perform as the opening band. from the Uruguayan group No Te Va A Gustar.

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“It has been an adventure that we did not expect, a very hard job, it has gone beyond what one imagined because being able to be at this point as an independent artist, being women, having won the Latin Grammy and working with artists that we always dreamed of ( like Mon Laferte and John Legend), it’s amazing!

“The most beautiful thing right now is seeing how people connect with our music, how one can change someone’s life with just a message, but above all how we instill female empowerment in the generations that come after us. I did not think that music had that scope, “said Mireya.