Florcita Polo and Susy Díaz react to AMPAY by Néstor Villanueva with dancer Sofía Cavero VIDEO Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

The program “Amor y Fuego” broadcast a compromising video of Nestor Villanueva Along with the dancer Sofía Cavero in the district of Surquillo, despite the fact that the singer had said that he intended to recover his marriage with Florcita Polo, daughter of Susy Díaz.

After the dissemination of these images, a reporter from “Amor y Fuego” contacted Florcita Polo and she stressed that the images did not affect her because she separated from the father of her children three months ago.

What he does doesn’t matter to me, I have absolutely nothing to do with him anymore. We are parents and period“, said.

“I prefer not to talk about that issue (of the ‘ampay’). I have been separated for three months and I have nothing to do with the father of my children.he added.

Susy Díaz was no stranger to the recent images of Néstor Villanueva and also declared for the same television space. The animator pointed out that the cumbiambero was looking for her daughter to resume her marriage, but with this “ampay” everything came to an end, but this time definitively.

“With this worse image, she is not even going to return, rather she is going to file for divorce (…) That she does not complain when Flor wants to rebuild her life”he indicated.



Flor Polo spoke of her estrangement with Néstor Villanueva

Flor Polo on her divorce with Néstor Villanueva
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