Florent Pagny “crazy” by Vanessa Paradis, a relative remembers

Before meeting Azucena, the woman of his life, Florent Pagny lived a passionate love story with Vanessa Paradis. A relationship that was short but intense.

While waiting for his big return to the stage next June, Florent Pagny is the subject of an unpublished documentary broadcast on TF1 on Sunday January 1. Archive images, personal videos, testimonials from friends and collaborators… The documentary directed by Michel Jankielewicz retraces the career of the singer, at the very moment when he is about to make his comeback, after a year of battle against cancer. .

If the artist’s wife occupies a prominent place in this documentary, another woman who shared the life of Florent Pagny is mentioned: Vanessa Paradiswho was his companion between 1989 and 1991. The two performers had a real crush on the set of a musical show in Florida, in 1988. But it took a few months for this crush to materialize .

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“One morning I go down, I arrive in his room and there I hallucinate, I see the head of Vanessa Paradis. I’m embarrassed, I’m leaving, ”recalls the actor Jean-Pierre Loustau in the documentary, which Paris Match was able to preview. The latter then lived with the singer in a house in Nogent-sur-Marne. For the latter, his friend was “crazy” about Vanessa Paradisand vice versa.

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“He saw something terrible”

Harassed by the paparazzi, the lovers are forced to leave home to settle together in a Parisian apartment. There, they regularly receive their group of friends. But the media harassment does not stop and Florent Pagny decides to reply with the title “Presse qui roue”. So boycotted by the upset media, the singer sees his career stopped and his income decreasing, he who is the spendthrift type…

He must then face a tax adjustment, at the very moment when his relationship with Vanessa Paradis is deteriorating. The singer ends up leaving him during the summer of 1991, after two and a half years of relationship. A break that “hurts him”, as Jean-Pierre Loustau confides. “He saw something terrible. “In addition to this separation, Florent Pagny sees some of his friends turn their backs on him.

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Helped by some faithful friends, notably Kad Meradwhom he met at that time, Florent Pagny goes up the slope after meeting Azucena in 1993. Nearly thirty years later, the latter remains his best ally, especially in his fight against cancer.

“Florent Pagny, a free man”, on TF1 Sunday January 1, 2023, after the 1 p.m. news.

Source- https://www.parismatch.com/people/florent-pagny-raide-dingue-de-vanessa-paradis-un-proche-se-souvient-220502