Florent Pagny facing cancer: why he suspected before everyone else that it was not going


The year 2022 will not have been easy for Florent Pagny. Throughout the year, the singer battled lung cancer. In the documentary that will be broadcast on TF1, his wife, revealed that the artist had felt before anyone else that he was suffering from a serious illness. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Florent Pagny knew he had something serious


On January 1, fans of Florent Pagny will be able to discover a new documentary on their idol. In it, we learn in particular how the singer learned that he had lung cancer. Through the words of his companion, we quickly understand that the artist knew that he had something serious: “He told me: ‘As soon as my test is negative, I will do a lung x-ray because something is wrong, Azu“.

As a reminder, a few days before discovering his illness, Florent Pagny had the Covid. But deep inside, he felt that there was something other than the virus. And he was unfortunately right to worry. Indeed, the singer learned that he was indeed suffering from lung cancer. And the least we can say is that the discovery of the disease was a real explosion for him. He struggled to hide his dismay with his other half.

In remission, the singer has already planned to go back on stage

As we told you previously, Florent Pagny was pessimistic when he discovered his illness. According to Azuneca, the singer was even already ready to prepare his funeral:There, he calls me, he was preparing his funeral. Fortunately, thanks to the words of his companion, the artist put on his superhero cape. And, his efforts have paid off since he will soon be back on stage, to the delight of his fans and those around him.
In remission, the singer will be able to resume his career in hand. He has even already planned a reunion with his audience in 2023. Thus, the father of the family will be on stage for a series of festivals. And this, starting next June and until‘at the end of the month of July. Nîmes, Saint-Malo, Nancy, Perpignan and Colmar are among the cities where he will settle down. But there will be others. A bit of patience…


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