Florent Pagny: his mother absent from the TF1 documentary, the overwhelming secrets of his producer

Next January 1, TF1 will broadcast a documentary on Florent Pagny in which his wife appears in particular. Another person dear to the heart of the singer was also to participate in the program: his mother. The latter will ultimately not be on the screen for a sad reason.

Florent Pagny is preparing to start a year 2023 like no other. After months of battle with lung cancer, the 61-year-old singer will soon be back on stage. A return scheduled for June 30 at the Nîmes festival. But meanwhile, the artist begins his comeback gently first with a small appearance in the TF1 documentary, Florent Pagny, a free manSunday, January 1 at 1:40 p.m.

“In the form of a small exclusive message”, the interpreter of And one day a woman will surprise viewers at the very end of the program which will retrace his journey between success, crossing the desert and announcing his illness. His entourage will take the floor to tell his story and his career.. If his friends Patrick BruelKad Merad or even Pascal Obispo intervene in front of the cameras, his sister and his wife Azucena Caamaño also agreed to speak.

Florent Pagny, everything for his mother

It was obvious that she (his wife, editor’s note) speaks in the doc. I went to film it in their house in Montfort-l’Amaury. Florent, tired at that time, passed a head. This interesting, intelligent and reassuring woman tells how Florent told him of his illness“, told Michel Jankielewiczthe producer and friend of the singer, in the columns of TV Star. Another loved one to Aël and Inca’s dad was also to intervene in the documentary: this is his mother.

Unfortunately, the latter could not participate in the project for a sad reason: “I had to talk to his mum too, but she fractured her pelvis and i didn’t want her to look diminished in the pictureexplained Michel Jankielewicz, who also made moving revelations: “Florent, even exhausted, between two chemo sessions, was able to drive eleven hours to see her at this moment… “, he revealed. A love for his mother much stronger than the disease.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/florent-pagny-sa-mere-absente-du-documentaire-de-tf1-les-confidences-bouleversantes-de-son-producteur-745916