Florent Pagny sick with cancer: this detail of his “new look” that bothers him

This Saturday, May 14, Florent Pagny will appear live from The Voice on TF1 with a very different “look”, due to his chemotherapy. A detail nevertheless disturbs the singer. He confides.

It was on January 7, 2022 at 1 p.m. precisely that the life of Florent Pagny faltered. He was in the middle of filming The Voice when a phone call brought him the terrible news: he has lung cancer. The singer had imagined everything: covid, bronchitis … except such a drama. “I discover that day that I have a tumor“, he loose in the columns of Gala this Thursday, May 12. And to confide:I was able to find myself in a kind of fog when it was announced to me and in the hours that followed, when we waited to know if the tumor was operable. Between two worlds“.

The next day, Florent Pagny however received some good news in this misfortune: “There is only one tumour, no metastases elsewhere and it is grade 1, which means it had just arrived, between three and six months“Alas, she is not operable. For this father, everything will therefore be played out with an intense protocol of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And it has been effective.”I only have one session of chemotherapy left and I can tell you that I am doing very well (…) The protocol worked pretty well.because my tumor as big as a kiwi turned into a nut“, he announced during a video posted on his Instagram account. Everyone then noticed his “change of look“.

Florent Pagny: “I’ve always worked on all the looks, here I’m going to the extreme”

A bit necessarily because it’s the treatment that wants it but I’ll get used to it and it will pass“, then assured the one that viewers will find live in The Voice on TF1 this Saturday, May 14. If Florent Pagny got used to his shaved head and the absence of his beard, he can’t say the same about his eyelashes. A detail that bothers him. “I assume my head even if I may put glasses on because of the fall of my eyelashes which really makes me look sickbut the rest, I manage“, he promises to our colleagues. And to outbid with humor: “I have no more hair, no more beard, no more eyebrows! What do you want, I’ve always worked on all the looks, here I’m going to the extreme! It’s the cleanest!” More than ever, the years appear on the face of someone who is 60, even if he says that at “inside, I’m the same guy who’s messing around, laughing“. Proof if one was needed: his nod to his fellow coach. “I’m not the only one who changed my appearance, Amel had her little guy also“, he laughs. After the semi-final and the final of The Voice, Florent Pagny will continue with his last chemo. And he hopes to come back in a few months, stronger than ever, on stage to conclude his 60th anniversary tour.


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