Florent Pagny: why did his record company not want him to collaborate with Pascal Obispo?

This Saturday, January 7, an unpublished report entitled “Singing: Florent Pagny’s cry of love” was broadcast on the program 50 minutes inside on TF1. On this occasion, the relatives of the interpreter of “Chanter” testified with an open heart. Pascal Obispo took the opportunity to admit that Florent Pagny’s record company did not want him.

It is in the new 50-minute inside report broadcast this Saturday, January 7, that we learn why Florent Pagny’s record company did not want to work with Pascal Obispo. The program presented by Nikos Aliagas returned to this collaboration which almost did not see the light of day. In 1997, for the creation of his album Know how to loveFlorent Pagny called on the cream of French composers, including ZazieArt Mengo, and a young composer with the sweet name of Pascal Obispo.

At that time, Sean’s dad was best known as a performer than a composer, in particular thanks to the success of his hits More than anything, Lucy and The importance is to love. And yet, Pascal Obispo was not unanimous with the record company of the voice artist. In this unpublished report, Pascal Négre, former Chairman and CEO of the record company Universal Music France confided: “It’s really Florent, who had the idea of ​​going to see Pascal for his songs… For me, Pascal, we’re into something pop-rock, good, good, why not…”

“Considered as a babe singer”

In this same report, Pascal Obispo confirmed that Florent Pagny’s record company did not want him, and he admitted in particular: “For the record, his record company did not want me to participate in the Florent Pagny project. Because they considered me a singer for girls, and that would not go at all with Florent Pagny.

It was without counting on Florent Pagny, who got the last word and imposed Pascal Obispo with his record company. And he did well, because as soon as he left, Know how to love won all the votes. Indeed, the album has sold about two million copies, and has won numerous awards at the Victoires de la Musique. This collaboration not only signed beautiful titles but also initiated a great and beautiful friendship between Florent Pagny and Pascal Obispo. There is no doubt that for his next opus, the baritone singer will call on his dear friend Pascal.

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