Florent Pagny with cancer: Anggun gives his news!

Florent Pagny is not alone in his fight against cancer. The singer is indeed supported by many of his peers in addition to his fans who encourage him every day on social networks. The latter, however, had not heard from the singer for several weeks now. A worrying situation which has contributed to creating an atmosphere of stress in the ranks of its subscribers. Fortunately, one of his charges finally broke the silence to say how he felt. After Anne Sila, it is therefore Anggun who spoke about his state of health.

Florent Pagny is better

The lung cancer which Florent Pagny had been diagnosed with was inoperable. This is the reason why the singer had to comply with a particularly exhausting chemotherapy session. We therefore better understand the fact that he so rarely gives his news. His last public appearance dates back to this Enfoirés concert during which he appeared with a shaved head. Images that had provoked a lot of reactions among his fans.

We still do not know if Florent Pagny will return for the coaching of the final phase of The Voice. One thing is certain, the singer is currently doing better thanks to the support of his fans. These statements by Anggun should therefore be enough to appease the growing concern in the ranks of its subscribers. The singer who will not fail to reappear in due course to give his own news.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/251272-florent-pagny-atteint-dun-cancer-anggun-donne-de-ses-nouvelles